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New job, including not-a-great-big-truck

From Tuesday at the new job:
Computers knocked over yesterday: 2.
Computers knocked over today so far: 1.
Cups of hot chocolate: 1
Cups of hot chocolate with coffee: 1
Cups of tea because hcolleen said I was too hyper: 1.

Drew diagram of internet. Included picture of what internet is not. Accidentally timed my presentation perfectly so that the trainer nearly coffeespewed on Heather. Heather's picture of the internet included Anna.
Am starting a proper lanyard for my badge. It is colorful.

Writers group dinner involved some coherent thoughts about helpful things that can be done involving Hermione-cat. It may be that she doesn't need to be an only cat; it may be that she just needs proper introduction and multiple litter boxes, especially multiple litter boxes that are not reeking of ammonia and being guarded by a hostile former tomcat. I came home to much love from note_to_cat, and I appreciate that. So much. It helps to know that there's a community out there with the experience that I lack.

I'm up too late again, hcolleen, so there should be ... er ... scans or something ... below this post. :-P (also, feel free to reboot things, because I've been having netflakiness, so if you are too it's not just you.)

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