Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


Riffing off of Home on the Strange, I have the fanficcer's opinion of the novel, I guess.

No matter how ghastly (deathly?) the book itself is, there's going to be plenty of fanfiction fodder. The woman is excellent at characters, worldbuilding, and plot bunnies. We will dissect the book without mercy, descending upon it like a horde of voracious velociraptors, and each take from it what we came for. We will then re-assemble it into the Harry Potter that it should have been, and that it always secretly was in our heads.

It may not make it to the page. It may not make it to the internet. But that's how we'll see it -- the book it should have been.

(Some of us have been knocked out of the book it should have been by flaws that they cannot ignore, and I mourn for them, because that just plain sucks.)

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