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Sunday turns into links and stuff. -- LW-compliant Moodyfic. Brilliant. -- Clarification on LJ policies, round OMGWTF. Hooray for sanity on all sides.

Things I do not get: locked icon communities. I know the plan is probably to prevent drive-by iconsnatching and bandwidth badness, but it's a very easy way to guarantee that unless the sample icons that you've posted to another community are really good, I'll never go to your community. has been responding very nicely to people's complaints about the shoddy delivery of books by the USPS, according to some IRC buddies of mine.

An angry spoilery drinking game, where the "good guys" behaving badly will get you seriously wasted fast.

Horcrux spoilers macro.

Patronus spoilers cartoon. -- page by page run-through of the book.

I need to make a SFW filter for my friendspage. Internet usage is monitored. They don't mind a little; they don't mind SFW; pornish_pixies is Right Out because all it is is the porn. Also, regularly embedding things that greenscreen on me means no go. (When a page is blocked for some reason, it comes up as a vivid green screen telling you that you shouldn't be here and that your visit there has been logged. -- spoilery crackfic, within the first hundred pages or so.

ataniell93 brings us some Wank Bingo, for playing when people go all spoilsporty. No spoilers, just predictable behaviors.

Yesterday we stayed home. I read. Later, I called Darkside. He was studying. I called back later, and we giggled together for a while. He doesn't know when he's going to have free time again. He hadn't read the book yet, and threatened me should I spoil him on one specific crucial bit of it, namely, Snape's loyalties. Trolling with the death toll is all well and bad, but trolling with Snape's loyalties would be worse. Later, Dawn called, and we had a nice conversation about all the latest news.

Today we did laundry and went grocery shopping. I collected a headache, then walked to work. I was only just barely not the last person out; when I got there, the only people remaining were the grizzled desk guy and the pretty security guard. When I left an hour and three-quarters later, they were both still there. There are changes to the paperwork scheme that mean that I won't be on time to be doing some of it. There are scary things going on inside the database; it's good to have another pair of eyes checking, because something went wrong between the raw data and query #1. I need to find out where it was. Now my headache and I will go to bed.

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