Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Training, Week 2

Today we advance out of book-learning (the thing that's being hit the hardest is ability to look things up in the internal and external FAQs, and know the pages upon which one starts for walking someone through a task) and onto the floor. We're going to get to listen in on Real Live Calls.

Can't wait to be out of the training room, because there's a machine with a fan going that's just hitting the right range in my hearing to make my thinking process short-circuit. Perhaps this is one of the reasons I've been coming out of here with headaches on a fairly regular basis.

hcolleen and I have been giggling back and forth to each other on MS Office Communicator, which is evidently standard. Right now she's reading The Book.

It's amusing when an accident of first initials makes sure that last name "burning" is directly followed by last name "bush" in a directory.

Being a grown-up means that I get to Just Say No to overcooked green beans when they're offered as a lunch choice. I took the mature alternative of a nice salad.

Our trainer is "foraging for headsets" right now.

We seem to have developed a carpool. That young lady in the other side of the room behind Ecchi-chan who does not come from such a technical background? She lives right up the 17 from us, and she's got a gasburner, and I've got good mileage.

...and off we go!

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