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Live on the phones.

Another computer knocked over yesterday. The tech team does not like the way these machines are set up, it seems. Wonder why. Now that computer has a corrupt file and is getting a full reinstall.

We're looking for a team name. There were a number of suggestions. So far, the ones that have not been totally rejected involve "angels", "lucky burritos", and "monkeys". dustraven suggested "Death Monkeys", and I got "Team Rocket" up for consideration in the team group chat, and I was also thinking about things involving chainsaws or zombies.

And then there was the guy who was talking about Star Wars in the team group chat. I'm not sure if I've got that chat log, but it was priceless.

Have taken first live calls. Started out with massive, massive stage fright. Getting better. hcolleen made me take the first three calls. At least the queue is pretty low.

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