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Two things from today

...or maybe a few more.

The first is simply the phrase "This has gone beyond frustrating to ludicrous." That was about a domain name in wild dispute.

The second: The song "Brain Problem Situation" has been going through my head, enough that I'm about ready to add it to the journal's subtitle.

Third: RAIN!

Fourth: I excelled at cattiness tonight. All those people who think I'm the sweetest, most tolerant thing: that's just because you've never seen someone get on the wrong side of me.

There's this chick at the secondary workplace who is known for General Flakiness. (I don't think any of y'all know her; she's not someone who comes up in my discussions often.) She was wondering why she didn't make it onto some arbitrary list of Excellent Stats People. She complained to Snarky Lady. Snarky Lady dove into my database and researched the issue. Snarky Lady found that it was due to excessive absences. Snarky Lady went out onto the call floor to let the woman know.

Snarky Lady came back in grumbling. Seems that the chick still doesn't care to accept even partial responsibility for her attendance. " 'I had all those meetings with my parole officer,' " Snarky Lady quoted in a whiny falsetto.

"Parole officer?" said I. "You mean being that stupid is a crime now?"

(This did have the intended effect of making Snarky Lady laugh and stop snarking.)

Fifth: (Blackadder didn't make it that far.) But. I want to get my typing speed up to 90 wpm in order to keep up with work. There is not enough time to close one ticket before the phone rings again if the queue is high. Not if I've not been keeping up with the notes. Alas. That means that I need to bring my typing speed back up again.

Sixth: Someone I met on LJ is at work with me. Today I saw that person on the intra-office IM. That person had let me know whereabouts in the building they were located. That happened to be on the same end of the building I happened to be. I hailed. They hailed back. I stuck my hand up in the air and waved in their general direction. The person I'd thought was them waved back. So now we've seen each other in person! Even though we haven't actually talked face to face yet.

Seventh: That guy who handles bugs? *drool* *thwapself* Bad Lunatic. No chasing after co-workers. Not while still in training.

Eighth: Stage fright = almost nearly gone.

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