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Seven Quirks

starbrow tagged me for this, so I might as well play along.

1. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
2. Tag seven people to do the same.
3. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag whoever to do it.

  1. I primarily wear skirts that come down to at least mid-calf, and shirts that have at least 1/3-length sleeves. I prefer longer sleeves, but that's not always a sane option. I would prefer to have every visible inch of my skin covered from the sun, but that's not practical. I wear mostly black. Yes, black in the heat of summer in Phoenix, Arizona. It's not that I dislike other colors, but that they're so hard to maintain looking good. I can wear a nice dark black shirt for years without any of the stains on it showing, and only take it out of service when it starts looking structurally disreputable. It used to be that I wore it as a reminder that I was in fact dangerously depressed and I needed to be aware of this, because I knew I could be at risk for suicide or at least serious self-harm if I allowed myself to actually forget that I was not as stable as I seemed. Those years in my life have passed; I'm actively aware of my mental state and I no longer need that sort of mnemonic; it still holds true that when I wear a color that isn't black for more than a few hours at a time, I will inevitably dip a sleeve in paint or something. Dad's Quaker background also plays an influence there. I prefer simple clothing that isn't horribly fussy to take care of or wear. This also means that I refuse to have clothing that I must iron or fold carefully. So far, I have gotten away with that.

  2. I make up for plainness of dress in my choice of accessories. I have this screaming pink and black and white jacket. The badge lanyard I prefer for work is made out of horribly bright beads in pink, purple, and blue. The nail polish I wear, when I wear it, is rarely a "normal" color. My taste in decoration tends in the direction of blue, black, pink, silver, and rainbow, with stars and roses. Metallic, iridescent, holographic, fluorescent, glow-in-the-dark, and glitter are bonuses. I have this outrageous purple hat with a lot of buttons on it; I was known as "Joan of the Purple Hat" for a while in high school.

  3. There is broken glass in my garbage disposal right now. This isn't the sort of fact that the meme was looking for, but it is a fact. I am charged with the task of fishing it out. I do not like this task, but at least the glass is nicely ground, so it's got blunter edges than it otherwise might. I expect that I will take quite a while to do this. And after I do this, the disposal will need resetting. There is some sort of button or something underneath it. And that will mean delving through the under-sink cabinet. This thrills me no end, as you can imagine. I will do housework, because I have to. I like the satisfaction of accomplishing things, and the end result of a clean and tidy place, but I do not actually like the housework. I've just learned to not mind it, and to do it because otherwise, who's going to do my share of it? The cat? The printer?

  4. I can tell the difference between walnuts and pecans. Lots of people can't. I sort of have to, because walnuts are the ones that take the lining off the inside of my mouth. This is the reason I do not like baklava.

  5. I have a constant paranoia that I've somehow managed to break some rule or other, generally some social rule, and no one has seen fit to inform me about it yet, and when they inform me, it will be connected with either a dressing-down or some form of punishment. It was drilled into me early on that ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it. It's very low-level most of the time, but it flares up any time someone who I'm not expecting to contact me winds up contacting me and not connecting and asking me to get back to them, or telling me that they will get back to me, or otherwise makes an appointment with me without telling me what it's about. I'm afraid it's about something I've done wrong or not done or did and shouldn't have done, and even though my sane mind knows that it's most likely not, that's what my fear-mind believes.

  6. There's a stage of half-asleep that I can be in and still be talking and interacting, and not remember a single thing once I wake up again. This can lead to situations that are far too entertaining for those who see me in that state. This is related to the state of silly I get in when I get too tired, wherein I judge everything against how well it would go up my nose. This is also related to what happens when I go into a certain kind of divination/counseling/clergy trance, and can't remember a blessed thing from when I'm in that state, unless I take notes while I'm under or someone tells me about it after the fact.

  7. For the longest time, I thought the hymen was one of those sexual urban legends that other people believed because they had no idea what they were talking about and also believed in jamming stuff the penis into the vagina without, you know, having done exploration with fingers and gradually gotten the vagina used to the idea of things going inside. Of course there would be bleeding and pain if you didn't do it right, without the need for an actual THING there to TEAR THROUGH. It was only later that I realized that mine had gently stretched and disappeared without me realizing I had one, through cheerful self-exploration.

  8. (bonus) If it came down to "leaving fandom" or "leaving LJ", I really have more time and energy invested in LJ. I don't think it's going to come down to that. Not for me. I don't have the kind of level or type of involvement in fandom that my existence on LJ would be in any way threatened by my participation in fandom. I think the current crap going on right now has far more to do with the current political climate in the US and the McCarthyesque scare about online child abuse than it does with problems in 6A/LJ management. Are there problems? Since it's humans running the company, of course there are. But the entire motherfucking US culture at large is more completely batshit-insane than the most assheaded corporate decisions of 6A/LJ management and the most tinhatted out-of-touch-with-reality reactions of fandom.

I'm going to break the "rules" of this little venture into quirks/facts and declare that I don't care who else wants to do this, but the personal quirks of my friends are always interesting to me.

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