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Round omg I don't know what of my terribly exciting life:

This was the infamous 1-day weekend. Saturday was primarily anime, with the aforementioned Target and Home Depot runs. Sunday was work; I hyperventilated on the way in and was OK coming out, if exhausted. Then I went straight to my secondary job. Then I came home and went to bed. (I'd shut down my computer Saturday night, since she was sounding tired and she needed rebooting.) Monday I was a little better before work, and again went straight to the secondary job, where I uncovered all the insanity with that bloody 11mb spreadsheet. ELEVEN MEGABYTES, PEOPLE.

I tagged & tracked the latest round of suggestions in between the 11mb stuff doing its crazy thing. I am on the verge of refusing to work with it anymore, which is terribly selfish but they are not paying me half enough to contend with that piece of crap. If I quit that job now, it will be because of that spreadsheet (and because I can now afford to quit over something like that).

Today was a little calmer at work; less 60 in queue going on. I went almost straight home, though a detour for refueling Vash was in order. I spent three solid hours trying to catch up with Sunday and Monday on LJ. I'm right smack dab in the middle of this thing. I volunteer for LJ, and I'm fannish (though not in the middle of fandom). I know I'm not the only support/fan crossover person, and I know I'm not the only person looking at both sides of this and watching in dismay as two of my closest groups of friends square off to start hitting. I know if I try to intervene I'll get caught in the crossfire. I think we all know that.

Dinner tonight was Mongolian Barbecue, jai_dit's first official exposure to it (that I know of). It was delicious!

jai_dit's last day at his summer job is Friday; after that he will have about a week off before we return him to the general area of school for more happy school. He gets the week to loaf around and do touristy things.

I got some grocery shopping done. The disturbing part was where I drove past on my way to the store and I saw someone lying in the middle of the street. There were people clustered around and one guy was waving traffic past, so I didn't stop. I'm not trained, and there was someone who looked like (s)he knew what (s)he was doing looking the person over. There were police cars all over when I drove back past that way.

Somehow my spare time got slapped down to near zero. I didn't start the laundry that I was intending to do. I did get groceries, though, so that's a good thing. This weekend will have two days. I can get things done then. There is still glass in my garbage disposal.

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