Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Wednesday! Two dragons, Darth Vader, and a princess...

I started out the day with some pretty awesome callers. One fellow was pre-caffeine trying to untangle some weird website stuff while the kids were playing dress-up in the background. Two dragons, Darth Vader, and a princess can cause a lot of drama together, turns out.

The Canadian and I had lunch together. He wanted to know if something or other was a northern thing. Nope. We had a nice chat.

There was screaming/whimpering/crying in the afternoon. It was an exercise in call control. I failed. At least I started succeeding toward the end, and I kept my professional tone throughout.

We did Mills after work. I got some more huggy rocks, but these for work.

The Paper Heart was closed when we got there. We left a note on the door and hit iHop.

Some jokes never get old.

The cat made some scary meowly noises that said to me that she might not be too happy in the tummy, so I contained her in the bathroom. We'll see how that goes. She was Not Happy for a while there. I expect intermittent yowling as she wants to get out. (Friday. Friday is a day I can get something done. Oh gods, cat. I'm sorry. But it's a studio apartment.) Oh dear, that's loud. I don't think containerizing is going to work.

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