Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Not enough time to go around...

There was rain this morning. I woke up to rain and thunder. hcolleen peered outside to make sure no one was messing with the door, because that clearly wasn't rain!

I had a surreal dream involving Mad-Eye Moody, and JD, and the X-Files universe. (My brain insisted it was JD, but it was really Mulciber, because it had to be.) I think those two would fit in well in that universe. The part with the detachable body parts was WEIRD, and the snipers outside the blinds ... that was SCARY, and I woke up after seeing a laser-sight on me and diving out of the way like crazy.

hcolleen pointed out something that wasn't immediately apparent to US-educated yours truly: Harry's passed his OWLs. This means that he can up and quit school at any point in time without having the huge impact that a US high school student would have at dropping out before graduation. That makes Fred & George's maneuver a whole lot more understandable.

Users. *sigh* People you should not include in your bowling league's fit of dramatics: tech support. Seriously, guys. I should not have to support the results of two grown men electronically bitch-slapping each other.

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