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Rude end-user vs. tech. Great punchline; membership required.

When you're signing up for some online service or other, please take care to enter your own correct e-mail address. I say this because of the strange case of one young man whose profile is now scrolling the message "I cannot be bothered to enter my own correct e-mail address, so someone has hacked my page and told the world what an idiot I am."

Shrubbery. NSFW. Via manifestress.

"My last word on Deathly Hallows" -- sarahtales is love.

GreatestJournal has recently reduced icon-space to 100 per person, down from 2,000. I'm not following along too closely with GJ, since that's merely a popular place to have a horcrux-journal (propz to mctabby for coining/popularizing the phrasing) and I'm keeping mine there for namespace and in case of downtime, but this seems both like it's going to be an unpopular move, and also like it was sort of inevitable now that there are more people there and their servers will be feeling the strain.

Last night was great fun. hcolleen and I wandered about Mill for a while, stopping in a few places before winding up at Coffee Plantation for internet and tea. It's great fun to have a quick exchange with someone and not speak or hear. I need to expand my vocabulary beyond the alphabet and approximately two words I know.

We hit the Melting Pot at the time of the reservation, and spent a while decompressing at the bar, waiting for the rest of the party. myrrhianna and jai_dit were already there. I took a good healthy sip of myrrhianna's pomegranate martini-thing, and mmmmmmmm, delicious. I will have to try one of those all by myself sometime when I won't have to worry about alcohol intake. We were escorted to our table after a while, perfectly timed, as stevieg, elyssa, and luminairex arrived approximately 30 seconds later. There were introductions all around, and we got down to the Serious Business of fondue.

This was my first time there, and hcolleen's. Our waiter was a whole lot of fun. He remembered some of the party from previous visits. Evidently we, collectively, are memorable (even though I wasn't part of that earlier party). Evidently this makes two Melting Pot waiters who recognize the party. There were negotiations about the cheese plan, and we eventually settled on how to arrange dinner. The waiter give a tour of the menu. JD got presents! Presents were hilarious.

Shop talk is inevitable when it's this crowd, though it did take 45 minutes for the conversation to steer around to that. Fortunately, everyone is near enough to the same side on the political issues of the day. Nothing exploded, except for possibly our waiter's head, and that was mostly over overhearing the word "furry" and needing a definition. We are an education!

Wall Mushroom was a bizarrity. Somehow, a mushroom had escaped from the vegetable platter and wound up on the floor. It was somehow the most logical choice that one of the menfolks would then place the escaped fungal cap on top of one of the semi-walls dividing the table/booth/nook from the rest of the world. Even though it was right at eye level, our waiter missed it repeatedly. I whipped out the camera phone to record Wall Mushroom for some insane kind of posterity. This led to other cameras being brandished. There were many hilarious and semi-incriminating photos, including a spectacular unexpected upside-down one taken by Ecchi-chan.

Potstickers fall apart, unless you're very careful. That broccoli was not sufficient. No one is allowed to roast their marshmallows over the flaming turtle anymore since that one Baltimoron spoiled it for the rest of us. There was curry! A good time sense is required for cooking these things. Mmm, chocolate. Nothing below the waist counts (for wearing color). Chocolate loves my boobs more than my boobs love chocolate. DO NOT DIP THE POUND CAKE LIKE THAT. There was the required one strawberry-free plate. People got cherries. OMG cheesecake.

We retrieved Wall Mushroom, put it on one of the emptied dessert plates, and drizzled it with chocolate, because it would have been impolite to leave Wall Mushroom on the wall, in case it was not noticed. There was an attempt at taking a group picture. It turned out to be a timed video, which was hysterical. We did get a group picture. We have to do this again!

Today was not a good day for me going out to do anything. I stayed inside, read, and slept. I needed some recharge-by-self time, which is hard to get in the schedule. Fortunately, Heather does not count as People. This is very fortunate indeed. Madman is having booting up properly issues. I may want to get him a new case, since this one is not working well. I called Darkside (bad timing) and we spent a few minutes giggling over assorted random things. Always must have best friend. Tomorrow, Organ Stop Pizza is planned. Doom! Hilarity! Next weekend is Road Trip to Return JD!

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