Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Operation commences.

So if my friends jumped off a cliff...

Actually, this is far more productive. This is a group effort in the direction of motion/sane food choices/health. Glad I read all the way back to Saturday on ye olde friends page. I'll be using <lj-cut> throughout the Operation. Anyone who doesn't care to read (and possibly join in) has no obligation to click. Tomorrow's activity: make sure I get breakfast (been doing this, but reminder helps), make sure I get lunch, and make sure that in the time between the end of work and time to sit down and be writerly, we take a good solid wander around.

My eating habits have been improving steadily over the past few months. Work means more Mountain Dew, but considering the other changes, I'm willing to let less than one soda a day slide. Fewer fruits & vegetables in general, though. Alas. Have to work on that. I've been getting plenty of water.

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