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The Operation, day 2-ish?

Lunch breaks today were crazy, yo. Turns out the 4 new people on the team mean we don't get an extra lunch break slot -- we need 1 more person for that. The situation is becoming dire. Monday and Tuesday were dreadful. Today wasn't, because I planned ahead.

Had a sane breakfast -- part of a leftover batch of soup. That was 5am-ish. (Too salty, but meh.) 9:15am, I grabbed one of those little vending machine packages of Oreos, and a Dew -- I knew lunch was going to be delayed, and it was the better of a bunch of iffy choices. True to my prediction, I didn't get lunch break until 2pm. That's just unacceptable, even though I was doing OK because I'd decided to take responsibility for my blood sugar instead of pitching a baby whiny fit about it. I had M&Ms then on the principle that I was grabbing lunch immediately post-work, and proceeded to do so. Hooray salady-thing at Baja Fresh! Cilantro and I do not love each other, which does make Mexican food problematic. Supper was just now, and was the remainder of that leftover batch of soup.

Oreos and M&Ms are not good lunch items. Especially not the no-peanut ones. And I'm not the only one on the team suffering from the bad lunch break schedule. We went shopping and got some bulk packaged snacks -- cracker packages, peanut M&Ms, and beef jerky. None of those are the best, but they are at least semi-reasonable and far better than having a blood sugar crash.

Motion: not so great today. Nothing out of the ordinary.

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