Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Tentacles make any day better! (Operation and maybe more)

The Operation:

All was reasonable except for the ice cream. Sushi is good. Extra ice cream, not so much. Did get lunch reasonably on time; used peanut M&Ms to combat potential lack of on time.

Bad things: ammonia leak just up the street. Ecchi-chan got a phone call saying omg leak stay inside. We went out for dinner. (I misunderstood where it would be and passed the miscommunication along, but we all got where we were going in the end.) Dinner was a whole lot of fun. There was a Spill Zone, and the waiter was cute but not up to par. But. Beating Wasabi! I need to learn to make potstickers.

I got the call that the spill was no longer an immediate hazard around 11:20 or so; stay inside if you have breathing problems. Fun!

There's a thing that my brain is going through right now. I never used to have to calculate mine/yours. Now I do. It gives me a bit of a jolt each time there's something him that's part of me now.

MySpace is the very devil. I have it on the highest authority, though, that I am a Google-stalker and not a MySpace-stalker. This makes all the difference. This is the modern equivalent of waiting by the phone.

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