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(and that means liberty)

It gives me such a great warm happy feeling when I can make things happen and have a customer really understand what they're doing at the end of things. I think I managed to explain "root", a little. I got her set up and working with Dreamweaver. The rule of thumb that I use: if they're creating in the program, I want to have them uploading in that program, if the program offers an ftp upload tool. Like as not, we'll have a tutorial on uploading to our servers when using that program. If we don't, they can maybe puzzle it out on their own, or use some other ftp tool. But if we do, I want to try that first, since that should at least keep their file structure intact when importing over.

At the point when the customer and I were waiting for Dreamweaver to upload, I didn't mind telling her that I had both fingers crossed, a big old smile on my face, and I was sort of bouncing in my chair. When it worked for her, I was just about audible across the whole call center. (Not really, but I did throw my arms up in the air in a victory boogie.)

She'd already called twice before with FTP scariness. I don't think she'll call again with an FTP problem. She went from confused and worried and a little frightened and a little mad to delighted and confident, and also confident in her ability to learn new stuff if it's explained right. And she knows about offsite backups now.

I had two hour-long calls today, so those sort of dominated my day. The first one involved a fundamental misunderstanding of one of the product/services, and more time was actually spent on the misunderstanding than on the actual technical problem.

There were also a lot of domain oddnesses. Verisign was having whois problems, which probably accounts for some of the insanity, but not all of it. hcolleen and I decided that calling $REGISTRAR, and getting all seriously ranty-faced because $REGISTRY won't update your info, is approximately as productive as calling your phone company when the power company that services that phone company has crapped out in such a way as to negate all the backup devices that the phone company has. You may be having problems with your phone, and you may think that it's the phone company's fault, but you're not alone, and the phone company is just as dead in the water as you are (if not more so). The phone company cannot make it all better just because you are yelling at them, and they certainly do not have all the information on what the power company is doing (behind the scenes) to fix it; they may not even know the root cause of the power company's problem there.

Sunday morning was amazingly smooth -- we were out the door and everything was awesome. This morning was the day it all fell apart. I forgot my badge; hcolleen grabbed it for me. We forgot where we parked, and took a little extra walk, putting us behind. I wound up parking in the sunny spot because there wasn't enough time to park in the usual cool spot at the far end of the building. This resulted in an exploded can of bepsi.

Ahh, life. Never boring. (Tomorrow? Leaving early. Refueling time. And Vash really needs to get his starter looked at. No idea when I can, though. Alas!)

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