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Hooray friends and family!

Vash is in the parking lot at the Sam's. He's been slow to start for a while, like old cars will get, which I thought odd, and I was going to get him checked out, but I was waiting until there was a little more room in the budget. I was shopping, and then he would not start. It's not the battery. The starter sputtered and ticked; myrrhianna has not heard anything like it before!

I followed a quite logical path instead of panicking. First, I tried starting him again. Then I added the new minutes card to the phone. Then I called Myrrh to make sure I could get a ride home. Then I went back over to the store and made sure that it would not cause problems for anyone if I had to leave Vash in the parking lot there overnight. Then I pulled out the card for my friendly little auto shop on the corner and tried their number (no love). Then I called Mama.

Myrrh got me and my groceries (in a freezer bag with ice packs) home. By that time, there was already a call back from Dad on the machine. I hung out with her for a while, and there was gigging. Tomorrow, I shall see about getting Vash retrieved and fixed. Contingency plans for getting to work while this-all is happening are in place, should he not be fixed by the end of tomorrow. (Translation: I owe Myrrh groceries or somethin' already.)

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