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Low call volume doesn't mean quiet.

Code Monkey! That reliable source, the YouTube comments, seem to say that the anime in question is "Legend of Black Heaven"; I may inquire with the local anime guru about that.

I mentioned how there were UFOs at my workplace, right? Well, today hcolleen was on the phone with someone who actually needed help getting something from our company to work well with a Six Apart product. It just so happens that someone had contacted me the other night about that very thing, so the method to do that was fresh in my head. As hcolleen was giggling about that with the customer, I saw at least five of the nice young men on our team stand up.

Now, we were experiencing low call volume at that point in time. And when there is low call volume, the nice young men on my team like to play.

Five barely-identifiable flying objects zoom east, converging on a point directly over Heather's head, and then dispersing into the booth of the guy behind her. One is a flying disc of some sort. One is a happy little yellow ball. Another is a mini foam football. The fourth is the X-Men beachball. I can't make out the fifth, but the guy is doing all sorts of contortions and flailing and making noise. The shot from the Canadian goes wild. Our fellow is constrained by the limits of his headset, and just fails to catch it, and also just fails to keep his balance. He does not quite go down, but it is close.

hcolleen and I crack up.

Called Darkside. Giggled back and forth about a number of the usual subjects. Yay best friends. There were bad jokes about balls, and about Power Rangers, and about the hot redheaded DADA teacher who I had a crush on back in the day. It takes hours to pry us off the phone sometimes. I'm lucky to not be the one who can be kept awake on a regular basis by a single circling thought that won't leave my brain alone. I've only rarely had that. Mama gets that a lot. I'm glad I don't.

One of the callers today was from Media, PA. I knew his area code before he said it. I've dialed it enough times. His kid turned out to be a CTYer too.

Then there was the guy who had some crazy-long saga going on behind the scenes about some transfers, where one of his domains up and disappeared on him, to the mystification of everyone involved. 40 minutes later, I declared to him in triumph: "I'm in your $DOMAIN_ADMINISTRATIVE_PAGE, looking at your domain!" "That sounds like LOLcats," he said, also in good humor. I lost it at this point, because indeed it had been, and he'd called me on it.

We have some new characters on our team now, and some older ones are leaving. We'll miss Mr. O RLY, who has been snapped up by another department.

hcolleen has indirectly started me off on my Bejeweled addiction again.

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