Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Less Monday, more Tuesday.

There were men in our air conditioning today at work.

I do genuinely want to help almost every customer who calls in (with the exception of a few skeeves and prats, but I do my best for them anyway). Even if said customer is nearly incoherent with some form of assorted distress, and manages to not calm down. In such cases, I may not actually be able to help.

There was a team meeting today. "Do you have a pen?" was suggested as the universal call-control break-in line. I'll have to try that sometime.

It would be so cool if the help files had an internal wiki.

Managed to almost lock myself out of my computer at work2. I couldn't remember the password, because I put in what I thought was the right one, and it didn't let me in. Three bad logins means locked. I went on a wild IT guy chase. Didn't find any. Finally got logged in somehow. (WTF?) All sorts of insanity. Did docs on stuff. Got call back from wild IT guy, but after the crisis was resolved.

Nearly ran Vash out of gas today. DO NOT WANT. 10.6 gallons is a lot to be putting in a 10-gallon tank, yo.

There are more female-types on the team now. We are bonding in self-defense or something.

BALLS. (Lots of them. Flying. Still.) Told Snarky Lady that if work2 has a problem with cellphones, then work1 has a problem with balls. Not so blatant today as Sunday's display, but still, balls all over. (I contributed to the issue. Didn't hit anyone.)

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