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Emo is dangerous.

"At least I didn't forget to bury the baby."

Saturday's events:
Hung around in the morning. Did laundry, etc. Started dishes.

My glasses broke at IKEA on Friday -- a nosepad fell off. Went to the mall to fix same. Met up with myrrhianna there, much to my surprise -- she and hcolleen must have been plotting while I wasn't listening. We went to a mattress store, and hcolleen tested out many mattresses. I read. She's getting one, and it makes her happy. It will make her back happy too.

We went back and watched some anime. I detoured to get pizza, apples, chips, and guacamole makings. Dinner happened. I make very decent guacamole. This one was two avacados, freshly squeezed lemon juice, granulated garlic, a dusting of cayenne pepper, and enough fat-free plain yogurt to make things interesting. The only bad part was when I sliced the second lemon and then promptly dropped the bowl I'd sliced it into. Way to dash my plans for said lemon! myrrhianna has an uncanny pizza-sense. It didn't quite burn; there wasn't quite two minutes left on the timer.

We have remaining only 2 episodes of said anime on said disk. Then we'll have to move on to the next disk.

Darkside was tired when I called. Mentioned the moving thing. Will fill him in on all the randomness of life later, like tomorrow.

Must ask my elder clone's husband about paper boxes. We go through a lot of paper at work2. Forgot to bring existing boxes over to Myrrh's. >_<

Ripping more CDs. The queue is getting visibly smaller! This makes me happy.

My arms continue to look and feel better when not exposed to the sun.

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