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azurelunatic -- random names! With popularity charts! I used to get Strange Looks in used bookstores when I was sixteen -- what was a girl my age doing buying a baby name book? But you need that, if you're going to be a writer. This was pre-easy-access-internet, so I had to have several reference volumes.

It's been around the friendspage a lot -- Why Harvard Wants You To Be Unhealthily Thin. I know my body pretty well, and I know what I look and feel like when I'm in great shape. I still have curves, boobs, and a belly. If I hit 175, it's cause for concern. (I never managed that in high school, even when exercising like crazy.) If I hit 150, it's probably past time for medical intervention.

Today I applied for that internal position we've been coveting.

Today (while I was in the middle of applying), my supervisor told me that I'd gotten another compliment on my account notes. That call that had me nearly in tears on Thursday? There was a call back, and it (apparently) got escalated, and the person who wound up taking it let my supervisor know that my detailed notes were totally rocking the house. That's the sort of thing that makes a geek-writer feel very good.

Today's activities, in summary: Woke up emo. Very emo. Made sandwiches. Drove to work, after forgetting sandwiches and delaying departure on that account. Took calls, and applied for the position in between same. Today was Jenga day -- the supervisor cube had a tower up. I pelted the playwright with airborne beef, then threw M&Ms at the members of the team in range. I called Darkside on break. Impeccable timing! There was a team meeting in the afternoon. True to form, I got stuck on a longer call, and had to ask the guy with the red cube badge for the sort of help that one generally asks a supervisor, there being no one else available. (I died of the stupid.) The meeting was informative; the Blonde has all the good gossip. (It's her hair color, not a slur on her intelligence.) Then I applied. Vigorously. Oh, and we're moving cubes again. I get the mixed blessing -- there's the cube with the red cube badge, there's the counterpart, there's Ecchi-chan, and then there's Mr. Loud. :-\ I may die of high school. We hit Unique on Central after work -- I decided that one work was enough for today. The weather was perfect fall. Happy Mabon. Then I came home and read.

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