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Little things, including an asston of moving, and things to make the internets more surreal. -- Heather, this is the one I wanted you to see. Note that I can't even read the feedback with a straight face. -- rock/don't rock. -- Gen Dr. Who. I cried a bit.

10 things that have been making me happy, as tagged by starbrow:

Random acts of poetry. dysturbation got metaquoted, and I wound up joining in the disclaimer-poetry party.

The new apartment. It is lovely! I am to spend my first night in it tonight. My new room is making me happy as well! The moving party was great fun, although I am sore all over now.

Ice. This is a desert. "Winter" means that now that night has fallen, it's a brisk 70°F out there. There is ice at work. There is now perpetual good ice at home, and I don't have to refill any more trays.

My best friend. Granted, he's not been having much time, but still, happy.

Microsoft Office Communicator. Now your office can have a business-related (haha) chat session going on! Now all we need is an office QDB. (I should send that one to suggestions@. It should at least brighten their day a little, so long as I indicate in some fashion that I'm ha-ha-only-serious.)

Our awesome friends. Today we got an asston of stuff moved out of the old apartment into here. That's serious business. And we had fun while doing it!

Welcome to the Workplace (II). Our nameless-as-yet narrator is disturbing and unreliable love. I need to start taking copious notes and also really going through Circle of Fire, because Welcome to the Workplace wants to be a nano.

Work. Seriously, work is love. Disturbing and crazy love at times, because of the customers, computers, and co-workers, but it's a riot. I work with my roommate, and there are several other friends of mine there, and the workplace knows how to party.

Fruitz. My adorable little iPod Shuffle has some of the most glorious music, and I can listen to my favorite parts of my music collection on a dedicated device without compromising the performance of a laptop that really wasn't designed to run Firefox, Google Desktop, and a multi-network chat client at the same time, let alone iTunes.

Phoenix. Not sure why, but I'm just enjoying being here lately.

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