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True fact: in Arizona, some dumbasses use the carpool lane as a passing lane.

OMG monitor. samurai_ko and her husband upgraded monitors recently; I wound up with her husband's old monitor. It is seriously heavy. I carried it down the stairs and to the car and from the car and up the stairs. On the one hand, it is nice that people offer to help the non-athletic woman with the heavy piece of fragile equipment. On the other hand, WHEN YOU TALK TO THE WOMAN CARRYING THE FUCKING HEAVY MONITOR, YOU ARE TAKING AWAY FROM THE CONCENTRATION SHE IS USING TO KEEP FROM DROPPING IT ON SOMETHING OR SOMEONE. Can't win for the losing, eh? It and I are in one piece, and hcolleen shooed away the people who were trying to be helpful but were People when I was carrying something I wasn't rated for. Didn't screw up my back or anything; may have irritated my shoulder some.

Bitchy Witchy Week has been threatening some. I think I wish it would just go ahead and show up. Spotting is not really my friend.

Weeks have been flying by.

Welcome to the Workplace is not about to wait for NaNo. I may not be going at it very fast, but it is happening despite me. Really.

Our writers group does not really play by the hard NaNo rules. We do shift into higher gear that month, though. And OMG V should be coming back sometime in the winter!

...I forgot when Dawn is coming; I did write it on a calendar, though. I need to bring that calendar over. I have magnets and a refrigerator, and I'm not afraid to use them.

I had a dream where I was kissing a guy. I think he was someone AU, someone familiar. He wasn't main-universe, though. Which is good. I think. I'm due a good cry, but I haven't really had time.

I still need to switch the main phone line over.

I told Traveling Manager about TMBG. I was singing "Birdhouse In Your Soul", which she'd never heard. I told her it was pretty old, and incredibly popular. Which it is. In my universe.

Lovie is a bitch. There are a whole lot of other words for her, but they're not very flattering either. I love her! She's just so delightfully unreliable and manipulative and mouthy and bossy and and and and ... ! (This means that there will be a whole bunch of characters who hate her. I have a tendency to love unlovable characters for their character, while recognizing that I'd probably want to pull an AK-47 on them IRL.) (Where IRL is from internet to face-to-face. Internet people are not all fictional. Book people are, mostly. There's a difference, even though they're both in writing.)

I wore my hair down one day this week. That was enough. It was a tangled mess.

I want to find time to do laundry. I have no idea when that will actually be.

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