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Those Cox.

Tried to get telephone switched over to new place today. Tried online. This did not work: the address came up as not in their database. I called from the old apartment. The guy on the line said that their service was not available at this address. I very carefully did not swear at him.

Note: "register a complaint" gets you routed very quickly to a human being on the Qwest IVR. I called back, steaming. Turns out Cox and the apartment complex have a contract: no other phone providers here. Well. If that doesn't just fuck all my plans up. The lady and I got to talking telephone options. She pitched switching the number to a cellphone. I probably will go to a cellphone for my personal primary, but I still do want a hardwired house line, although I do NOT like the idea of my land line being a VoIP. I will have to question Cox closely about exactly how this shit is wired. I don't know enough about this yet, and I want to make sure if something stupid happens to the cable, the phone will still be on.

And I know it sounds absolutely boneheaded and emo, but I'm upset enough about that, and it's late enough, that just thinking about the concept makes me want to cry. I was all set up to switch my goddamn Qwest phone line over to the fucking new apartment. And I know that if something happens to cut out the data line, the phone line, and cellphone service at the same time, then not being able to communicate is going to be fairly low on the list of my problems. But I'm not used to relying on cellphones. I need some method of communication where I can talk for at least an hour a week, if not more.

And this is such a stupid petty little problem in comparison to all the world problems, blah blah blah. I know if I had to face day-to-day survival problems, then a stupid bastard of a telephone service provider local monopoly would not be any sort of thing to get worried about. But it's what I'm dealing with today. I don't like it, and I don't want to like it, and I don't have to like it. I just have to either find some sort of way to live with it (which I can't do at nearly three in the morning when bedtime should have been six hours ago) or figure out some way to get it changed.

This takes my satisfaction with the new apartment way, way down. Adults don't get to get away with throwing tantrums, although that's really what I feel like doing. More than half of that is the hour, but I don't imagine I'll be much happier with it when I wake up in the morning. I'll just have a better outlook and be better able to cope.

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