Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Day of rest?

Up until all hours being crazy. I woke up at a reasonably reasonable hour, and never quite did get back to sleep, although I napped on and off throughout the day. myrrhianna moved in. There were movers. The cats are in her bedroom now. Ryoga is making these very confused small meeping noises. I talked to Darkside; this was the first he'd heard of Sketchy. He commiserated. He is a lot less tolerant of general dumbassery than I am. I let him know that Lovie had attacked, because I always need to let my best friend know about what happens when I write.

myrrhianna's mother made lasagna. It is tasty.

There was YYH. It was cracktastic.

I am re-reading Cyteen, because it was about time.

myrrhianna has gone to get cat food, and perhaps ice cream.

Frozen York cookies are a viable substitute for the noble Thin Mint. (Chocolate Obsession doesn't agree with me, but they're still tasty.)

I'm writing today off as a nothing-day for me, and then commencing with the usual schedule tomorrow.
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