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More trivia!

hcolleen and I read each other's minds from time to time, in the fashion that people who have gotten to know each other will. Sometimes we pick up exact phrasing. Today myrrhianna and I both thought we'd said the same thing, but only one of us actually said it out loud. We're still trying to work out exactly who that was.

The Beasts are not allowed to scratch the carpet. They have perfectly good scratching posts. There is a memo to this effect.

Dad says Mama is taking part in an exhibition at "the pickle barrel" next year some time. I was a little fuzzy on details, but it sounds extremely cool. Dad's torn retina does not sound cool. This is the reason that he is prohibited from "bumping down the stairs", that being a far better way to descend the stairs than the normal fashion when one has one bad ankle and one bad knee (not on the same side of the body, naturally).

To investigate at work2: timesheet people interviewing!! And also the null action: see if there are null actions what fell out, and INCLUDE IN DOCS EVEN IF NOT YOU BOZO.

There were UPS follies earlier today. It seemed as if the banging was on a downstairs door, the notice was on our door, and the package was next door. Turned out to have been intended for the next row over.

Gave and received first wrong number call today. There are no male-types who may be reached reliably at this number, all JD-ing aside. I must remember to type in the 1 before calling Mama and Dad. I need to put this number in the Do Not Call list. (If anyone sees the base/charger for the cordless part of the main phone, please to plug it in and plunk the handset in it? Sorry for louding you out, Ecchi-chan.)

Yesterday, I remembered where that Starbucks was. My rat-memory prevailed. Or something.

I hit 50 on this evening. I was determined to beat that game, but it's so fun I'll just keep playing.

The word "loudsmithery" is not a word (that I know of), but it should be.

I wonder if someone would get sued for a shirt that said "It's not 'Will it', it's 'Should it'!", with a line drawing of a blender.

The middleman emailed me back, informing me that Things have been Done. Hooray! My message was not entirely coherent, but they got the right email address, which is made of epic win, especially considering that they probably wouldn't have had that address when setting up the account.

Must arrange for People What Take Large Unwanted Furniture to come and do their thing.

There is a tree that scrapes the covered parking. EARHURT. Tonight I heard what sounded like a drum circle coming from somewhere near-ish by. Former = fail. Latter = win. (Why are "win" and "fail" considered viable direct opposites? It's really supposed to be "lose", but youth culture labeled my cat, etc.) (Introduced Management to the concept of XKCD. Must now link her.)

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