Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Links and a bit of day.

The past didn't go anywhere.

Where did my server go? (Funny, IRC log, lost server!)

Went over to the old apartment. Commenced with getting things cleaned and thrown out. There is yet more to do. There were kids, building a clubhouse with some discarded furniture. There are good times and bad times to talk to random adults around. Good times include when the adult is discarding unneeded furniture, and you want to know if you can have it. Bad times are when the adult is wrestling with getting a large box into a small car, and you want to know if she has any more boxes like that (that you could have). (The answer: maybe, but now is not the time to talk to me, because this box is too heavy and I am cranky.)

Dawn's mom is sick. This means no social time. Darkside is studying. (There is a chem test.) Ditto on the social time situation. I am exhausted. Perhaps I'll actually wind up in bed before bedtime. I've already nicked to sleep-mode on IRC.

I need to find the charger for Fruitz. It is around here somewhere. I need to bring the microwave and the printer up from Vash. They're wedged in fairly solidly, so it'll be a bit of a production.

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