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Hooray for Friday.
If you haven't already heard: comment editing.

hcolleen has posted our floor plan.

Reading right now and wondering when there's going to be an update: (slash, H/D)

There are damn ants. Exterminator comes Wednesday. wtf, ants. Some of them were taking up residence in the mirror in the front bathroom. There are more that like the kitchen.

Book of the day: Night of the Fox, Jack Higgins. I wanted to slap several characters for deep stupidity. Always assume you're being watched. Never break character. (Well, to establish who you are to a relative since the mission depends on it, but only for like thirty seconds, and then you go back to your character and stick there.)

We went further thattaway than I think I've ever been, and wound up at a mall. It was a mall of mally goodness! The jewelry store lady is a closet geek. There is chocolate. hcolleen ran into an old friend. I found some ... unorthodox ... things at a store. *snerk* We hit the Cheesecake Factory for supper, and I proceeded to get well and truly blitzed off of one (1) drink (contents: Courvoisier, champagne, cointreau and pomegranate juice shaken, chilled). I am still not entirely sober. We stopped by Fry's (grocery) on the way home. I have a big-ass peppermint stick now.

Still have yet to hear back from Darkside on the topic of the work1 holiday party, especially now that I'm permanent.

Lovie is not entirely cooperative. She should be doing a tell-all. Instead, she's blogging. *headdesk* Tomorrow, I swear. Today I just need sleep.

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