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Whee, progress. (Halfway to today's goal.)


One of the dragongeeks is going to insist that the small farm of storage units in Mesa be painted black and called the Black Mesa Complex. *headdesk* Thank you, wibbble.

Laundry has been set up; hcolleen's is all dried and folded. One batch of mine is drying, the second is washing. 3,985; I'm planning on getting Somewhere today, because I know that workdays are generally bad for writing. synecdochic has commenced with whipcracking.

I'm tracking continuity, including things like cast of characters, in a separate document. I suppose I should add the usual crowd to the new document, given that this is where all the action is going to be.

My iTunes has been booted up, and I'm adding a lot of possible cuttable content to the novel. I just want to get to the good stuff, and that means getting the plot shuffling.

NaNo website has been running insanely slow. I don't think they have the infrastructure for how we're hitting it. :(


Black shirts pick up cat hair like crazy.

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