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Azure Jane Lunatic

(pounding on the earth and yanking at her hairs)

A better application for said hammer would be the dude who is under the mistaken impression that Darkside's cellphone is the number he needs to call to check his voicemail. NO. Darkside was v. apologetic that he had ignored my calls yesterday. (He was mostly ignoring dude, since that is 90% of the calls he gets.) (My dear best friend needs to get a separate ringtone thing going on.)

Work is having a holiday party. I am bringing myrrhianna to it, as Darkside is Not Going. Hooray rspv by Friday. Tuesday is paperwork. Thursday is shots. I feel like a carefully kept pet.

Scary Old Desk Guy at work2 is to be learning my database. I am to be getting the laptop to borrow tomorrow.

Today at work featured One of Those Calls; I think my supervisor was wishing he'd taken it at his desk. He was on it at least as long as I was, and turned colors at points, and after getting off it, grimly reminded himself that he loved his job, and our customers. I managed to find an Atomic Fireball for him, and then he was happy and skipping around again.

Oh, and Red Cube Badge Guy thinks NaNo is insane and some things should not be written; he only knows of one person who can write that fast, and she writes like a woman possessed. And of course work being work, I wound up knowing her too. She's in my writing group, of course! :D I shall ask our mutual friend if she can be convinced to put in a good word for my ability to write coherent first draft at speed. Some things touch upon a woman's honor.

I miss my hens. I shared "Calico and Velvet" with myrrhianna yesterday; she shared a YouTube clip involving her brother. I want to have a few hours curled up with a book and a warm feathery friend sitting next to me sharing bits of apple and talking about the weather or whatever it is that friendly hens chatter about when they're not doing much in particular.

I have got to find some time in our mutual schedules that is not tied up, and get out to Mesa and allow myself to absolutely just drop the whole façade for a few precious minutes. I'm not social with him because I don't have to be social. I don't have to be lit up. I just have to be me.

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