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happy, and *headdesk*

One of the small ways in which the right people amuse themselves in ways that are fun for the whole site.

Cox and SRP have been shuffled over to being under Ecchi-chan's capable management. Yay.

Today did not have all the sanity at work. Yesterday either.

Yesterday had a bad $TEMPLATE_WEBSITE problem that involved MS Word and a guy who thought that $MS_WORD_RELATED issues were caused by our template thingy, and insisted so until it was proved otherwise. The part that had me standing up straight and ready to spit was when I caught him giving me false information. STABBITY.

Then today had some issue with $NOT_SPAM_RIDDEN_MAILER_PRODUCT's signup form. I was barking up the wrong tree for the first part of the call. Then once I got on the right track, the Blonde and I discovered that it was not in fact broken so that emails were being sent into the aether instead of to $CUSTOMER's inbox ... they weren't being sent. Because $CUSTOMER had specified that every frakkin' field in the form was mandatory. So since you do NOT do some of these things together (state and non-US state or province, for example), it took the two of us at least 10 tries to actually get it submitted. Once it went through, *poof* -- yeah, that was the problem. $CUSTOMER did not have a few thousand mails backlogged out in the aether. $CUSTOMER had maybe a handful of clients who think he's more dense than a plutonium dipstick because he doesn't know what "required" means in production, and another handful who think that a red "required field" error means that the form has been sent.

And then there was the guy who had some obscure custom script finding some unorthodox start page in some unorthodox directory, and thought that just because he uploaded a new start page in another directory it should start going there, or we should make it start going there. It took fifteen minutes for me to get the part where no, we don't do that hammered through the communications barriers.

And then there was the sweet office manager who couldn't get into the admin interface of her mailing list app, and the app people were saying that she needed to contact us. Explained to her that actually, um, no, not really ... sort of, but not really. I could get her as far as being able to change the password on the database, but she would want to check with someone else before changing the db password, because I had no idea what that would break, but if she can open the database, then depending on how the app is set up, she might or might not be able to do assorted back-end magic, but I have absolutely no idea what that would *be*, this is where she talks to the app people. I gave her an analogy, though I didn't take it quite this far with her: It's like having a rented building, with a room in that building (that has a padlock on the door that you put there), and a lockbox in that room, and you cannot get in to the lockbox. Our responsibility basically ends at making sure the building is not on fire. And yes, I see how the lockbox is hung out the window, but that does not change the fact that it is not our lockbox and we have no idea how to crack it given that you lost the key somehow.

Ant-guy coming tomorrow.
Feet feeling happier.
Retrieving old landline number.
Myrrh cracked the whip and I worked on some boxes. That makes things in the living room far more livable. Some things have been shuffled; some things have been hung. Time for a microwave stand. Flour is baffling. (I need to make bread.) There are decorative candles all the hell over. I found the charger for Fruitz.

I still need to find some Mesa-time and just collapse. I have been tightly wound, and a tightly-wound Lunatic is not always love.

(I need to catch up on writing more, because I haven't had the brain-time.) Tomorrow.

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