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Laptop score: can log in now to Windows: just have to log in on network first, or something. Set up with email. Have yet to pull out at home.

Ants: have not seen any more. Dude came today. I sprayed down the freezer but good, and myrrhianna did a number on the kitchen. We have yet to actually locate the serious lair, although I still suspect the freezer.

Perennial pet peeve: people treating LJ posts like unthreaded message boards and replying to the parent post instead of to a specific comment. THEY PROBABLY WILL NOT GET YOUR COMMENT. STOP IT.

suggestions has an insane amount of stuff right now. Working on tagging; have tracked the lot. Thank you so much, hon. ♥

Must call Cox tomorrow to check on phone.

THE NAUGHTY LIBRARIAN GLASSES THING IS NOT FAIR TO DO TO ME. (Turns out that I have an aesthetic appreciation for what happens when one of the heretofore unremarkable Red Cube Badge Guys breaks out his glasses and perches them on the end of his long thin nose and looks at you over them. Much noise was made via IM to the girls. They laughed at me.)


I was wrong on my kilograms conversion. It is actually only 3.175 kilograms of cheese. (Human burrito performance art aside.)
(Okay, that one deserves an explanation. But are you going to get one?)

$DOMINATRIX needs a new webmaster. Computers do not beg for mercy when you spank them.

Daniel: disambiguation. SG-1 comment!fic by synecdochic, for that prompt that I gave. It is beautiful, and I can't imagine a more perfect response to that prompt. (And I must admit that I hoped for something like that when I gave that prompt, and oh! how she has delivered!)

Pessimistic Red Cube Badge Guy said something snarky or other when we wished him a good day as we were leaving. "A good hour? A good minute? A good second?"
This evolved into a discussion about how the glass is never even half-full: it can't even manage that. There's a leak. In the bottom. And the water's polluted. And then with the heat outside, there's the evaporation to consider. And then it'll leave the glass scaled, not that you'll want the glass, see: leak. in bottom. His delivery was everything: he could do a stand-up routine on it.

I hope our supervisor gets back soon.

Oh! I got the RSVP e-mail, finally. I was expecting it yesterday, and when I had not got it, I wound up v. upset, in channel, and crying. I was embarrassed and upset with myself that I was flying off the handle so badly about something so small. But looking at it, I suspect it was the one thing I could psychologically allow myself to fall apart over. After all, the world won't end if I don't attend a company party. The world's already crumbling around us...

The wanker called back today. The girl behind me got him this time. Security got notified.

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