Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Friday (belatedly)

The third-party-summarizing-the-hijinks-of-a-crazy-character doesn't really get old for me very fast. I'm transferring that over to Lovie summarizing her own hijinks.

Me: *bats self in head with cluebats*
hcolleen: *gives me funny look*
Me: "It's not ice!"1
hcolleen: "You need to learn the difference between 'what the hell are you doing' and 'get that the hell away from me'."

I am slightly synaesthetic. I also only rarely think in pictures (unless I do). Sounds have texture to me. I can assign abstract shape and color to the textures when I focus on them, but if I can't render it down to text, I feel the sound, as if it had a shape and I was exploring it with my fingers or clinging to it or feeling it against my skin. I feel emotions the same way.

I've been in and out all day. There is some laundry done. There is some more unpacking. I finally retrieved my brace from the car. I took a nap earlier.

1) "It's not ice!" dates to a particular moment at writers group where I fished out a chunk of ice from my Italian soda and held it out to hcolleen, who recoiled and gave me a Look. I kept holding it out. She kept recoiling. Since then, my reaction to that reaction from her has been "It's not ice!", because it's not. (Unless it is.)

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