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Work was work.
Work2 had Issues, in the form of me not being able to raise their IP by fair means or foul. Now my darlings, when you run a traceroute and starting at hop 15, you get results like:

27 166 ms * 181 ms x.x.x.17
28 168 ms 171 ms 166 ms x.x.x.18
29 170 ms 172 ms 170 ms x.x.x.17
30 179 ms 173 ms * x.x.x.18

... notice the pattern. Notice the Lunatic looking up the owner of that IP block, and going to that owner's site and trying to figure where it was assigned, and sending a short and informative e-mail to the listed contact address. And calling Management and advising her that if this is what's going on and one needs to go through that IP to reach $DESTINATION, I probably wasn't the only person out with that issue.

hcolleen, blueutopiah called. I was asleep, so I was barely able to identify myself as being me and not some random person off the street who managed to pick up our phone, but I think I got some something through. myrrhianna got to see me as a zombie, which might have been useful.

So what are the plans for writers group for Wednesday? Are there any? myrrhianna is planning to contend with the ham at that point in time. (Oh, and garnet or any of the blues are OK with me so far as curtains.)

Pagan Dude told us that he had to introduce us to a specific song that someone sent to him. "Code Monkey". ♥ :D

There was Thanksgiving Shopping done. We have accomplished a turkey. I have accomplished a shower. This means bedtime. (Earlier I accomplished a nap, so this hour is not the woe it could be.

ZOMG INTERVIEW 8PM. (Watch me trip out. Note that I'm generally actually coherent for interviews now, so I'll be a stressball until the interview, be peachy throughout the interview, and then proceed to zomg stressball post-interview, but to a lesser degree.)

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