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Tick tick tick, tock tock tock, another day goes by.

jai_dit returned to California today. Unfortunately, his M key did not. Unless Nibiki-san has stolen or eaten it, it is on the coffee table.

Nibiki-san has discovered the top of the large bookshelf that houses the bulk of the anime and manga. I have not seen her up there, but I know she has been up there. I know this because I know she has eaten some of Heather's heather. I know this because I walked into my bedroom and noticed the floor.

Related, either the spot-scrubber needs fixing, or I need to learn how to use it properly, or both. How do I know this? See above. The mess, fortunately, was minor, but I might as well get certified on this thing in case I do have to seriously use it.

Yesterday, Ryoga-kun came about two feet out of myrrhianna's room, where he ate a cat treat from my hand(!) and then walked back in. Today, he made it all the way out into the hallway by the computer desk.

There were nuisance calls this evening. I worked with the Do Not Call utility of one. I called the other one back also; the man who answered said he's being spoofed. That makes me angry. I am not fond of either email or caller ID spoofing. I should call Cox and ask about blocking on that number, or tracing, or something, because repeated hangups are not ethical use of the telephone system.

Despite being awake past my bedtime last night, I made it through work happily enough. There were a few dodgy calls, but at least my call volume was up from the past few days. I need to get it higher again. I poked my supervisor; my supervisor poked the people I interviewed with; they are reviewing applications and I will be hearing one way or the other relatively shortly. (If you have good thoughts to spare, I would appreciate them.)

My last call of today was a young man who I do believe was flirting with me. Aww! I am a geek female with a nice voice and a sense of humor, see. This makes me devastatingly attractive on the phones. It also doesn't hurt that I am competent and helpful, and when the fellow takes over from a previous person and is a little lost, it's very nice when he gets someone who shows him the ropes and the things he needs to know to manage the account properly.

hcolleen has her computer back. Hooray!

Darkside was busy this weekend, alas. I stopped by to say hi to dustraven and trystan_laryssa last night after getting the laptop synced; they weren't there. They were over at samurai_ko's. So over there I went, and we had a nice long chatter.

Chocolate is good. The linkup is still looping, thus the sync trip.

My purse was starting to fall apart, so I went down a size, though the style of bag is still similar. This one was sold as a camera bag, or being the style of a camera bag. I don't know if I can fit a camera into the bag, but I might try. It's a nice little purse, though.

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When I say "the hens", you think:

female chickens
female birds of another type or multiple types including chickens
old biddies
wtf, I thought Azz didn't have any pet chickens anymore?
"hen parties"
female humans
female humans, and I bet I could name names
female humans, and I think I am one of them
depends on the context
I'm too much of a cockerel to give a serious answer

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