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Our work is never over.

Recent experiences: Pacman head guy vs. the ghost shirt (sushi night); lip gloss in the dryer. two sticks (alas).

"Difficult Grace", an Iron Poet entry written for a prompt of mine.

Tonight's IRC involved emoticons. Cookie cone with strawberry icecream and love was one thing, as was holding hands to ears crosseyed while someone broke out a cymbal. See, <33 says to me either strawberries, cookies, or ice cream. That became all of the above. And I suggested C)> as art for ice cream. Fu responded with C)> <3 — but that looked too much like C)>_<3 to me, which is a very bizarre wincing emoticon. Thus hands over ears and a cymbal.

An old quote picked up by someone at work2 at one point, which made its way into my stack of papers:
Phone goon: "...We're conducting a survey about products and services you might use--"
Respondent: "Um, all I can say is my church is the Episcopal Church, and that is the only service I go to..."

Collegiate Quidditch!

I'm so tempted to do something for April 01 involving some Craigslist-style humor. *smirk* Tag me, baby.

Rare Exports Inc. -- Mockumentary, briefless male in naturalistic context, may be disturbing for younger viewers, hysterical. Recommended by channel. The sequel is (a lot) more disturbing, but continues the theme very, very well. There are disclaimers at the end; read the fine print.

Menacing House: The Luck of Dennis St. Michel, Viscount Stokington -- this is very well done indeed!

harder better faster stronger body parts dance -- fun conceit, decent execution!

I have been working on getting things over from the little red prepaid Motorola cellphone to my actual cellphone. If you have a number of mine that ends in 23, that is the prepaid cellphone and it is not exactly going bye-bye, but it is getting turned off and shoved into hcolleen's purse so she can forget about it until she realizes that she's stranded in BFE and needs a ride, and it won't actually get you in contact with any of the household either at all or in any reasonable timeframe. (Or until sees a bishie and decides to email post a picture, and remind me to walk you through the setup on that and TxtLJ, yo; I left some phonebook in.) If you have a number of mine that ends in 49, that is the current landline. If you have a number of mine that ends in 42, it used to be the landline and now it's the cellphone. Ecchi-chan, the charger is plugged in below the kitchen bar-thing, and is labeled. I will try and keep it charged, though I cannot promise it.

I may volunteer a Christmas shift, depending on what the household is doing. I don't really have much of an emotional attachment to the holiday in the absence of a huge family celebration and lots of unread books waiting for me. Also! The song-snippet "Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, but the very next day, you gave it away. This year, to save me from tears, I'll give it to someone special." has been rattling around in my brain, starting even before legomymalfoy shared video with the rest of the class. I blame society.

JD does not look good with blue lipstick.

The less said about NaNo, the better, although the story will be finished one way or the other.

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