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Hooray for the boozle tree!,,2217067,00.html

... Has *anyone* been able to AIM me lately? Because I suddenly realize that I don't think I've gotten responses to *anyone* on AIM for omfg I'm not sure how long. And I'm sort of appalled if it turns out that's what was wrong. I'd been angsting hardcore (in private) because I'd been sending random messages to someone and they hadn't responded in a horribly long time. *tests* WELL. NOW I KNOW WHAT THE MATTER WITH THAT IS, THEN. So be aware, please, if you've been poking me on AIM and I haven't responded? It would be because I didn't get your message, and unless you have serious reason to believe I'd be mad at you or ignoring you, I'm probably not. (I don't have a habit of carrying grudges against people who would actually ever want to talk to me again, but I reserve the right to manage my time commitments as I see fit.)

PSA copied from like half my friendslist, I think -- yes, LJ now has Adult Content flagging. Before I see more outrage, Info on today's feature releases and LJ staff answering questions, and the FAQ are the authoritative sources of information. Yes, the lj_biz post is linked in news, as it should be. (And the vicinity of me is not the best place to complain that LJ Abuse are all incompetent/abusive of authority. I may not complain at you in your journal, because you have a right to your opinions in your space, but when I see it from someone I care about and trust, I still get that little hurtcringe deep down inside that makes me shrink away. They may be faceless and jackbooted to you, but ... it's a difficult job, and I'm glad I have the trust in them that I do. People, not principles.)

I also have Bailey's, and several decathousand words to pound out before Friday night. I'm just now finished with small glass #2.

We got to small glass #4. I still have a lot of words to go, but sleep is happening, because I'd otherwise not write and do foolish things.

I know I had things about today to say, like the pirate joke, and the strawberries (mmm, strawberries), and the giggling with beeyotchkitty about Red Cube Badge Boys (DESK!!!) but it's too late.

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