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Family. That, and ... SUMMARY!

At times like this, I do feel the need to cluster with the appropriate people. People who show up separately and rarely came in tonight, and -- will this split us apart? There's a fragility of human clustering, so major events draw us together in the fear we'll be split apart.

It's a chain of faith. I have faith in my friends. They have faith in the people who have won their trust. Everyone's bound together that way. I fear misplaced trust -- mine, theirs, yours in me, someone else's.

Brad had such bright faith in 6A. And some things went well, and some things went poorly, and 6A never did win the hearts of LJ. And Brad's coming back to the board. And some people are going with 6A and some are staying with LJ. And the usual suspects are in channel, passing around booze, chocolate, hugs, tea, and love. Other than those who knew before the announcement, I don't think any of us know whether we'll be grieving or celebrating tomorrow.

There are other things I could have done tonight, but I needed to be with these people tonight. Never mind that I'm usually with them every night, but tonight was a night when we all had to be there. Each new join was a fresh wave of it all.

It's not like some nights. I imagine there will be a news-watch, both the news post and the rest of the internet media. But it's not the sort of thing, just yet, where we can't let go of each other or stop praying. Some of us won't sleep tonight, but some of us will. I must. I have work.

I think the most affected are going to be the top levels, and least affected are going to be those users with few connections to the greater community.

Half a year ago, I sat in myrrhianna's living room on the futon, curled up next to jai_dit, barely responsive, with hot tea and cookies.

theljstaff: Preved!

Completely blindsided users: "... wtf?"
Concerned Users: "So, what's going to change for me?"
brad: "You're going to have to make all your posts in Russian now."
Slashdot Users: "In Soviet Russia, LiveJournal read you!"
Internet Citizens: *cat macro*
Users who were around for the 6A Sale: *duck and cover*
Anyone who's been following recent news posts: *anticipates the drama*
Practical Users: "Is this going to suck more or less now?"
Cynical Users: "6A couldn't stand the whining, eh?"
6A Anti-Fans: *celebrate*
SUP Anti-Fans: *can't opt out any more*
Matt Bellamy Fans: "First Page!"
Free Speech Advocates: "I hate to say this, but Russian free speech laws may actually be better for freedom of expression."
Other Free Speech Advocates: "Are you on FUCKING CRACK?!?!"
Internet Citizens: "TL;DR"
Ex-Paid Users: "So glad I didn't invest my money in this!"
Slasher-Haters: *mock*
Slashers: *flame back*
LJ Addicts: "Is this why we had downtime today?"
Brad's Fanclub: "SQUEEEEEEEEE! brad's back!"
Brad's Anti-Fanclub: "Well, poop."
Icon h0rs: "Does this mean we can buy more icons?"
Internet Citizens: "Lame, it's a whole 5 months until April 01, guys."
Optimistic Users: "Great! They'll start running it right!"
Pessimistic Users: "We're doomed. Abandon ship!"
permmembers: "We're still permanent, right? Right?"
Would-be Board Members: *start campaigning*
Conspiracy Theorists: "So this was what Strikethrough was preparing for!"
Completely blindsided users: "No, really ... wtf!?!"
Early Adopters: "What the hell, Azz, even you forgot about us?!"

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