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+1, and on and on...

I just tripped over my umbrella. (ella. ella. ella. eh eh eh eh eh.)

I can whip up a batch of cookie dough in fifteen minutes still. There are now cookies, and dough in the refrigerator, although I will have to play with the oven a little more to get them to turn out how I want them. Took side trip with cookies to deliver some to legomymalfoy & family. Renicking in IRC is not always a particularly clear notification of one's intentions. :D Had fun and productive chatter.

amberfox got me un-lost. Yay!

Anyone got hot fic recs? I have spare time now, and I do so love good-quality fic.

I have a status thing up on my whiteboard in my cube. I was rather disoriented today, see, and there are reasons!
YES -- got sold to the Russians.

YES --
I volunteer there.

YES --
I'm tripping out. Majorly.

NO --
You probably don't know me there.

Work had some b0rked today. Woe. It made for a very very fast last half-hour, though.

I hate hate hate hate hate email bounceback troubleshooting without the bounceback. Just sayin'.

There is an icon I want to make. It is not a default one. Like, ever.

It is winter, so my face and hands keep drying out. I need to stash some lotion at work.

For anyone who got to go, I hope the LJ party was SUPer.

(And you know, there are good reasons and bad reasons to start immensely time-consuming projects, but "I hear the parties are legend" is NOT a good reason. Really. Really really.)

For entirely non-LJ reasons (really), I'm proud of myself for having a) survived, and b) survived well, since June 2nd. (And it's been eleven years, and I didn't notice the anniversary of Terrible Tuesday. Maybe it's in the past now.) (I mark dates and anniversaries, not always the good ones. Not often the good ones, even.) (OK, there are plenty of good ones, just that they don't always stay with such vivid anti-celebration.)

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