Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Monday evening: lots of tagging; business as usual.

This evening generated a lot of little bitty notes in between things. I was tagging hardcore, man.

5:57 PM 12/4/2007
That Ten Things meme? It may seem selfish, but ... I want roses. I love them, and I get them so rarely, and generally from the wrong people (by which I mean people who mean things by them that I can't return wholeheartedly). It may seem trite, but I like them. A lot.

Another thing I genuinely want? A good job for all of those I care about who are searching for one. One that *fits* them.

6:36 PM 12/4/2007
Useful quiz:

8:26 PM 12/4/2007
Pet peeve: author of the post responds to a specific comment on a community post as a reply to the post itself, not a threaded reply to the comment it's supposed to be in reply to. (In specific situations like RP, that's perfectly fine; in general replies to a whole mass of comments, it's all right if not ideal; as a specific reply to a single comment, I do have to wonder if there were any substances other than simple unfamiliarity involved.)

9:21 PM 12/4/2007
Tag multiple entries with the same tag at once. I WANTS IT.

9:26 PM 12/4/2007
Notif for when an entry of yours is tagged by someone else, with what it was tagged from and what it was tagged to.

9:35 PM 12/4/2007
Bug: sent invites page for specific community has no breadcrumbs.

9:47 PM 12/4/2007
Does the message center collapse Adult Content-type stuff if entries are subscribed to?

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