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Azure Jane Lunatic

Today I decided to clean my room.

1:14 PM 12/8/2007
I need some sort of booster seat for the monitor. (I just shuffled stuff in my room around a little, as sort of a preparation for breaking out the sewing machine and repairing that stack of skirts that needs fixing. The results involve a shelf that was out in the main part of the room being now in the closet, and the gigantic monitor being in a little more of a usable position.)

7:02 PM 12/8/2007
I think we'll see changes to legislation on teens and easy access to written smut once this current generation comes of age to be making laws. I think this is the first generation where kids have been able to really really easily find pictures and stories about sex.

7:28 PM 12/8/2007

from 2003 08 05: (cartoon of a disk stack dangling from a noose) "Hung Database"

There's something strange and hard to find
This window sits here and the prompt box hides behind
It might be done, but I'm unsure
I think there's something there that wasn't there before.

Also, my head doesn't quit while it's a head.

[23:23] Lacey:
[23:23] Lacey: cute kittens in action. Completely sfw
[23:26] Lacey: attacking a 12-pack box :)
[23:26] Scott: unless your work hates cute kittens
[23:26] Azz: or bursting out laughing.
[23:26] Lacey: Truth!
[23:26] Scott: but very cute
[23:26] Azz: Deadly cute!
[23:26] Azz: It needs a warning!
[23:26] Lacey: Has one now!
[23:27] Azz: LJ also needs an "immature" content restriction. :-P
[23:28] Scott: thats not immature
[23:29] Scott: here's a kitten fighting a watermelon:
[23:29] Azz: The idea was a complete topic leap.
[23:31] Azz: But it does! It would be for emo, fart jokes, BOOBIES, everyone under the age of 14, sophomoric humor, excessive memeage, angsty lyrics, and posts about how school and my teachers and especially my parents ALL SUCK.
[23:32] Azz: Filtering auto-turned-on for anyone listing "childfree" as an interest, optional for everyone else. :-P
[23:33] Lacey: !
[23:34] Azz: (the inside of my head is a wacky place.)

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