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Sunday. -- warning, language.

Came home from work with scanner for hcolleen. Better day at work, but still nursing a brewing stabby-headache. Walked straight in to some brewing sheer wtf, and I'm just going to say that everyone with a lot of energy and emotion invested in making some things happen smoothly and right are doing their utmost to make sure it happens that way. Soooo... good vibes, 'k?

Went to drop off hot chocolate with usual suspects. Picked up plate of cookies from the Figment. Made a detour; made a detour to Mesa. Made some updates and some bad puns. Watched some Hellsing, and on the big screen -- the parentals are out of town. I had to leave, although he tried to wheedle me into staying later. (I think someone was lonely.) He'll be on vacation for a month pretty soon.

Bed now.

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