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(support) Puns review I submitted a while ago

(Note: this is a humorous application for review and critique in the notional LJ support category "Puns".) Originally submitted 2007 March 11.

Review: Puns

This is my first review in this cat, so please, if I'm missing anything obvious, let me know what it is! Thanks. -- a very recent simple response to an obvious opening. It's duplicated in one of the other touches here, but I don't think that's too bad. -- a rather complex one; I'm working very closely with a SH in this case. I was given a POINTER to some resources to help me out with some of the more obscure references. -- Requires knowledge of the source materials, but is a good example of how classic materials can be applied to everyday life. -- The second example is a little weak, but it was applied with great effect on account of the holiday. -- Some of my work with my Blonder Half. There would have been others in the actual conversation, but the rest just did not compute. -- Some of my classic work in the medical field; perhaps not for the particularly weak of stomach. -- My roommate isn't usually a willing participant in these, so the usual penalty involves a pool noodle. -- Computers and relationships; a really easy shot. -- Some representative work with my Blonder Half, followed by a lengthy digression on a theme with a SH. -- Rather than work on a theme, this digresses free-association style. -- The start of this one is unusual enough that I've never heard it used before. I think I did a grape job. Booze going to deny me the right to say that about myself? -- This includes one that requires a fair amount of set-up. With only a little work, I can develop into a shaggy dog story of reasonable size. -- I had high hopes for this one, but somehow it never resolved. -- Even though it's a little dead now, it was fresh at the time it was posted. -- Some HTML, for variety. Requires a compatible browser.

Thanks in advance for your time, and I hope you have an excellent week.

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