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ain't got drugs yet - (hang onto your)

Bluetooth buzzer bracelet for cellphone alerts. Oh, wow! Perfect! lm959

I have put together my Bad Love mix, and will probably be putting it somewhere to be shared. I hope I've designed it to be played one of three ways -- all together, or with only the female artists, or only the male artists. I think it works both ways. (Well, maybe now it does; there was an incompatibility between the "I Will Survive" and the "You Oughtta Know" that had to be fixed. And there was no other choice for it -- it had to be "Suprême" and not "Supreme".)

Suggestions bunny: an accessibility-specific site scheme. In addition to the other things that LJ does to make the layout work, it would at least a) have larger icons and links, and no flyout navigation anywhere at all, b) be exempt from temporary decoration, and c) should involve heavy consulting with people who actually design accessible websites for a living (especially someone who's got a vested interest in it, you know, working).

suggestions bunny #2: community maintainers ought to be able to see and change explicit adult/adult content flags on any given entry under their control, if they're not already.

Most of my LJ day today was actually work -- I was helping hone and tagging suggestions.

I maintain some pretty good Google-fu -- I found the right thing when I didn't know how to describe it. Fortunately, I knew the general thing it was called, and started from there, and I magically managed to guess the right descriptor. I went from "How can I help you?" to "Success!" in 18 minutes, from the timestamps. Another one took me about 15 minutes, although I really didn't know what I was looking for there.

I can see airplane lights from my window at night. We're near enough a flight path that they're right at a reindeer-angle for me to watch streaming across the sky.

Tomorrow is the party.

I called Dawn. She's sick, poor thing. Darkside = no answer. I should pry for details on vacation, so I don't wind up doing the futile call thing.

All the tech support is blurring together in my head. My supervisor tells me that I'm honing my call times, even though call volume is low and we aren't getting as many calls put through; they're not back-to-back.

I haven't been getting enough sleep in general. I need to address that. I don't think, especially, that the seeing motion out of the corner of my eye a lot is an artifact caused by lack of sleep, because I'm seeing it when I'm wide awake.

I have too many tags. That's not just a value judgment, that's a statement of policy-driven fact. I tried counting them on Wednesday by the simple expedient of pasting them in a Notepad, setting the view length to 51 lines, and paging down a lot; I stopped when I hit 1,000. The current cap is at 1,000. The file was maybe somewhere between 1/2 and 1/3 scrolled down at that point -- I don't have anything like 20,000 so I'm not in danger of crashing LJ when I go in to edit them, but I will need to do some editing or I won't be able to add any more. My poor tags! *hangs onto*

I overuse the word "Woe" now. When I say it, it is "woe" and not "woah", nearly 100% of the time.

Ecchi-chan has her EEE. EEEEEE! I say. It is cute. Now I want one.
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