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Link soup and those little things. -- best expansion to flagging EVER. -- Snape/Tonks -- the rating on this is more for the twisted than the sex. The sex is the cherry on top, though that's a little too innocent-sounding to describe this story. -- iroshi linked me to this. Hooray for religion RPGs! -- afterlife!fic, post-Final Battle. -- *grin* -- assortedly heartbreaking. H/D. -- H/D detective story! Post-Epilogue. -- Comic. Large. Ahahahaha.

Friend of mine filled out a D&D character classification meme. For reasons that don't necessarily matter at this juncture, she mentioned a perspective on deity-driven magic that involves the deity as the force desiring to make the change in the physical world, and the deity's control over/connection to said deity's attached humans (followers, worshipers, whatever you care to call them) being the agent through which such change is made. The human wields the power; the deity wields the human. In combination with that cartoon I got linked to, this makes me wonder if a) there is a game out there where you play the deity who is trying to manipulate the humans to achieve the desired ends, and b) if there isn't, there should probably be one. (Unless there shouldn't.)

Yesterday I had one of those rough calls; I got off it in about 15 minutes while the guy typed in the validation URL manually. He calls back 10 minutes later and gets the guy right next to me. It takes 40 minutes for that guy; when he was done, I pitched him a bag of M&Ms from my stash, because OMG that call must have BIT.

Over the past several weeks, I have started seeing little bits of motion out of the corner of my eye, motion where there should be none; motion where there is none, when I look at it. No noise. Just motion. Quick, darting, dark rather than light. I hope I'm not going mad or having some sort of dangerous visual degradation. I do know I need new glasses, and these are sufficiently out of the corner of my eye that it's not in the area that my glasses cover.

Happy Solstice, people.

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