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Diverse amusements, and things that should never exist! -- now has stuff online. -- a hilarious description of what happens when RPS and referral logs mix badly.
On the Proper Appreciation and Manipulation of Pricks, by Fleur Delacour, Tri-Wizard Champion -- Hilarious and hot. Has some very quotable lines. "Sucking cock is men's work."
Echoes -- Snape/Harry, post-Epilogue, with bonus perfumegeeking and insane household items. (Imagine BPAL with the same magical capabilities!)
There are some very fine Young Wizards fics this Yultide. "Miracles" is of special note.
Sometimes people who go to Antarctica get shipped back because they got drunk and brawled.
Dirty Laundry and the Airing Thereof -- an unreliable narrator is love. Five unreliable narrators are even more so. Marauder-era.

Fun fact: OpenID journals can't join communities on LJ (or LJ clones, unless they've changed this themselves). Discovered this attempting to enter an asylum on InsaneJournal, at which point they told me that I was an asylum, not a Lunatic. OpenID journals also don't get to have LJ-specific tags in their bio area on the profile.

I've been trying to clear out my tags some, given that I'm over 1k and can't create any more. This is leading to me discovering ... strange things in my old entries.

From a long-ago chat, with someone who will not be named unless they'd really like the credit blame notoriety ... Man-Faye/LotR crossover.
AzureLunatic (3:33:42 AM): Some advice I wrote, based on my con experience so far:
Do not go for "cool" and wear a skirt that looks only marginally better than the pants and is also just a touch too tight. Wear the pants instead.
...unless you're cosplaying.
...unless you're cosplaying Faye Valentine, and you're the infamous Man-Faye, in which case please warn the rest of us.
$LotR_Fan (3:34:11 AM): *snerk*
AzureLunatic (3:34:23 AM): Have you been introduced to Man-Faye?
$LotR_Fan (3:34:30 AM): Noooooooo
AzureLunatic (3:34:39 AM): Google him.
Prepare for Too Much Hairy Man-Ass.
$LotR_Fan (3:34:57 AM): Will it be better or worse than David Bowie's Crotch?
AzureLunatic (3:35:01 AM): Erm.
$LotR_Fan (3:35:10 AM): .....
This worries me
Now I am disturbed.
AzureLunatic (3:37:08 AM): Too much Man-Faye Ass?
This one is the most effective:
$LotR_Fan (3:39:01 AM): Help, I have been visually raped!
AzureLunatic (3:39:08 AM): Actually, no -- I think there is another that is more so.
$LotR_Fan (3:39:38 AM): The thing that is really scary about it is that he kind of looks like Aragorn. So now I am imagining Aragorn doing this strip-tease. And ending up Man-Faye.
AzureLunatic (3:39:48 AM): GHAAAA!
That should be ficced.
Alas, the mooniidx site does not have the "I like to move it move it" noise anymore for the man-faye.
$LotR_Fan (3:41:23 AM): It is too bad. But it is okay, because I have played enough StepMania.
There should be no Aragorn!Man-Faye fanfic.
Unless it has a Photoshop collage.
AzureLunatic (3:42:09 AM): Now, imagine if you will instead of just the one bum marching from side to side on the screen, imagine him doing that up and down the sides of the screen as well.
To some that dreadful music.
$LotR_Fan (3:42:41 AM): It is the HALL OF INFINITE ASS!
AzureLunatic (3:43:17 AM): ....
Now I am seeing Aragorn using that to convince the ghosts.
"You will come to me, or I will MOVE IT MOVE IT!"
Gimli: *facepalm*
$LotR_Fan (3:44:41 AM): *snerk*
AzureLunatic (3:44:53 AM): Legolas: "my eyes, my eyes! My delicate Elvish fashion sense!"
$LotR_Fan (3:45:15 AM): It's the alternate universe ending where Legolas dies of a heart attack
AzureLunatic (3:45:26 AM): Yes.
Gimli claimed the ghosts scared him to d3ath.
$LotR_Fan (3:46:43 AM): but really, it was Man-Faye.
AzureLunatic (3:47:04 AM): Er, Aragorn.
$LotR_Fan (3:47:25 AM): Fayegorn!
AzureLunatic (3:48:01 AM): Fayegorn Forest?
$LotR_Fan (3:48:06 AM): *snerk*
Now I am imagining me some Entish ass. This is even worse.
AzureLunatic (3:48:56 AM): ... barky!
I think we would disturb people.
$LotR_Fan (3:50:36 AM): We disturb *me* ;P

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