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Azure Jane Lunatic

Post-Monday roundup -- a little 'off' but all right.
Kalluri Vaanil is the name of that crazy song from that "subtitled" video that I've been watching over and over. -- Squee, flail, Cammie!! -- as is traditional, "Dinner for One".

Intermittent snotbomb in my head, coupled with the slightly less cloggy throat. Exhausted. No party for me.
Brewed up this downright magic tea in the big crockpot: too much rosemary, too much cinnamon, too much peppermint, too much ginger. Best thing I have ever met for clearing out the frakkin' nose enough to breathe a little, and soothing the bloody throat. Doesn't taste too bad either.
Called Darkside, wished happy new year.
Called easalle, explained my intermittent snotbomb situation.
Am slowly unfolding at home. Despite the fact that it was a slow-ish day, there were still two arguments over DNS settings. I was right.
Dinner was. Still unfolding, still drinking the magic tea. When done right, it eventually develops what looks like an oil slick on top.

The Recipe For Azz

3 parts Warmth
2 parts Silliness
1 part Tolerance

Splash of Shrewdness

Shake vigorously
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