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TGIF. -- this one is one that I must link W Neighbor to on Sunday. -- Buffy villains. -- someone at MacDonald Hall is having sex! -- GJ looks like it's going very down. My sympathies to those affected. (It would be impolite to disclose in public my feelings toward those who have been tinhattedly insisting that GJ is better than LJ and making a drama-fuss over that point.)
Life of a Mary Sue -- song with subtitles. I like that trend in music. -- it's raining iguanas! -- if you want to see what Alice Healy looks like as a Disney Princess, this is your chance. -- reading this.

So what's the big dance event in chip fabrication high school? EEPROM, of course.

Today features a rather lot of random cleaning. I let the cats run free for a while, since I was here to keep an eye out. I closed up hcolleen's room, because Her Nibs is sometimes in a destructive mood. Mostly she was creeping, crouching, and lounging, though. The experiment in Online Finance seems to have succeeded. I have another brilliant idea, though that sounds as if it should be best tested first.

I need to get some curtain rods and assorted hardware, because I upturned the curtains that wound up being for my room. Then I can ask for some help putting them up, because I'm not particularly handy at all.

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