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Updated Cast of Characters.

In the Apartment


hcolleen, aka Ecchi-chan, or The Redhead: Moved in with me July 4th 2006, as I reckon it. One of my lady writers, and the 2nd in command of the writing group, because she is a good power behind the throne. She wandered into writers group one day, then when her roommate situation was dissolving, I offered my living room floor as crash space. A year and a half later, we're still roommates, albeit in a new apartment. Loves anime, writes male/male erotica. Builds computers for fun. Works with me, but no longer on the same shift.

myrrhianna: Met at the 2006 National Novel-Writing Month kickoff, and assimilated into our writers group. Also loves anime, LOVES Gackt. If the packets are flowing, her work is complete, and no, she will NOT upgrade your circuit on your lame-assed say-so. Currently working as an administrative assistant, probably going back into tech soon. Moved in with hcolleen and me in the Great Move of October/November 2007. She brought her cats:

Nibiki(-chan): Cat. Tabby. Small. Female. Currently a full queen, although that's to change sometime in her future. Named for the Ranma 1/2 character, and is about as friendly: psychotic, looks sweet and innocent and "helps" with things, actually is vicious, spiteful, and deadly. But she's so cute!! (Don't pick her up. I did. I don't recommend this.)

Ryoga(-kun): Cat. Tabby. ENORMOUS. Male, neutered. When his balls went away, so did much of his motivation. Now he is motivated to hide from things that might eat him, and to eat anything that's small and still enough for him to sink his fangs into. And steal the bed. He's very good at that. (You probably can't pick him up safely, so don't try that either.)

hcolleen has a frankenbox desktop that she built herself, an elderly laptop that has seen better days, and a very new Eee.
myrrhianna has a sturdy old desktop and a new-ish laptop running Vista (eeek!).
azurelunatic has Thalia (a Dell Inspiron 1000 laptop a few years old running XP), a large new box (running nothing as of yet), Allegra (an Acer TravelMate sub-notebook with a fun history and '95), and Tigereye (Dell Latitude CPt who needs a brain transplant). There's also the loaner laptop from work2.
There's talk of an apartment server and a proper network.


I work two actual jobs, and one virtual one.


My Supervisor: Another Alaskan. He likes Atomic Fireballs, bad puns, and when we behave ourselves and do as we should. Puts up with an enormous amount of HR-inappropriate chatter in the team chats.
Pagan Dude: Come over there so he can smack you with his cane. He has a bum ankle, and he's a martial artist. His mostly harmless wife can't take her mostly harmless nail file into a courtroom; he can take his deadly weapon with him because it has no metal. Go figure. One of my friends on the team.
Smokin' Lingerie Chick: Young, prefers a completely shaved head hairstyle, avoids TV and mainstream media, wears a lot of black and skirts (the punk/goth sort of style), and makes me wonder if I was ever that young. (Yes, I was.) Is named the feminine of Dude 3's name, goes by the same nickname.
Fratboy: Not particularly technical. Comes from a sales background. Doesn't present himself particularly well on the phone from a technical standpoint (it hurts to listen sometimes) but does all right. Has a very fast sports car and gets pulled over a lot for being young, male, and driving a car like that, even though he's not actually doing anything technically wrong, he says (and he just gets warnings, not tickets, so there's some justification for that opinion). He comes off as a bit of an ass, but I think he means well. Tall, thin for his height but has muscles, young, and willing to spar with Pagan Dude, who laughs and kicks his ass every time.
Fratboy Jr.: More technical, less asshole, less compensating-for-something car, but they look enough alike that if I didn't know them I could mistake them for each other.
H2: Having two people with the same name on a team is confusing, even though the first one isn't on the same team anymore.
Lap$LNAME, aka Chick 2b: Tiny, blonde, not particularly technical, but she got enough lap-sales her first two days in to earn the nickname Lap$LNAME.
Mr. Sketchy Galore: Named for the TMBG song. Didn't make a particularly good first impression: his sleazy phone sales style mixed with his poor technical background to bad effect. His sketchiness seems to have abated with time and not being in listening proximity to hear his every sketchy word. Pagan Dude likes him, but I'm still not thrilled with his technical skills. Also called Mr. S.G., Noisy Dude, Loud Dude. He earned his own tag.
Pagan Lady: In her late 30s or early 40s. Web designer, wears a deviantArt lanyard with a nifty-keen badge leash inscribed with a star.

Geographically Named Teammates
W Neighbor: Sits directly to the west of me. Smokes with Chick 0. Too young to like beer as much as he actually does. Flirts with Chick 2 in an all-in-good-fun fashion. From my training class.
Chick 0: Smokes with W Neighbor. Looks like she could be 5 years older than she is.
Chick 0b: Young. Married. Complains.
Chick 0a: About my age. Has a great (dry, sarcastic) sense of humor.
Dude 1(b): Young. Has a warm jacket he shares with W Neighbor and Chick 0b when they're cold.
New Dude: Very new on the team. Doesn't have much of a presence on the team yet.
Chick 2: Young. Has a kid. Likes to cook. Needs hugs.
Dude 3b: Great sense of humor. Don't know him so well yet.
Dude 3: In his early 40s or so, not quite able to read social cues so well, named the masculine version of Smokin' Lingerie's name, goes by the full version rather than the nickname, but there's still room for confusion.

Other Work People:
Red Cube Badge people: The locations of the people who can offer advanced support on a particular given class of issue is indicated with a red nameplate on the cube, detailing exactly what kind of advanced support is offered.
Cute Red Cube Badge Guy: Aside from being cute, he also has a wicked sense of humor, and he's gamed with the samurai_ko / trystan_laryssa section of the social crowd before. I have a bit of a crush on him. Work doesn't prohibit in-office dating, though they want to make sure that nothing goes wrong. I want to make double sure of that. I don't know that I'll do anything about the crush, though he seems as though he'd be a good friend in any case.
Naughty Librarian Red Cube Badge Guy: He's competent, focused, has no patience for incompetence, sarcastic, and pessimistic. As a result, he's got a reputation for being snappish and condescending if you don't have every last duck lined up in formation. He doesn't exactly mellow out if you get to know him some more, but he will occasionally smile. He also has tiny oval glasses that he perches on his long pointy nose, and he *looks* over them. Men are not supposed to rock the naughty librarian look so well. It's not fair. I have absolutely no interest in any form of relationship other than developing a friendship, but it's still not fair.
The Blonde: She was our team lead, then when they reorganized she was a floor lead. Then she moved to another department.
Pointy Sr.: Naughty Librarian Red Cube Badge Guy is thin and pointy-featured. Pointy Sr. is older and has filled out some, but has the same kind of pointy features. Pointy Sr. wanders around the floor looking for trouble and finding it, and then helping out.
Assorted Supervisors and Leads: There are a bunch of other teams around. Some of the people on them are real characters, but I don't talk about them enough to justify putting them in here.
Assorted Friends and Acquaintances: I know people on other teams, some of whom are also on LJ. Hi! I don't want to pull anyone out of the work-closet. I'm getting a real thrill out of being in a workplace where people actually live on the internet.

Management: The local manager. Not quite Fen, but Fangirl. She graduated high school when I was born; I make her feel old. A fellow longhair. Awesome.
Traveling Manager: She goes on trips and has expense paperwork to fill out. Her office is next to Management's, and we have conversations about random stuff. She's not technical; I am. She picks my brain about technical things and online culture.
Pink Shirt Guy's Counterpart: Pink Shirt Guy left because things were slow and he was getting fragile; she does week-to-week management of the call floor.
Snarky Lady: A trainer. She has the computer next to mine. She helped with the initial design of the damn database.
The Office Ladies: helping me actually run the DB. Not particularly technical.
Old Desk Guy with Ponytail: More technical than the office ladies. Also getting training in the DB.
Grandma Cinderella Manager: One of the field managers.
Obso1337 Manager: One of the field managers with a technical background.
Stressy College Chick: One of the field managers, closer to my age, often telling her kids to not call her at work over little shit. I don't see her too often these days because we don't match schedules.
Leftover Leftovers Guy: Once a field assistant, now a phone goon again -- yes, he's back!! My nemesis. I don't interact with him.
Homie G Super: One of the supervisors. He was in a car accident a few years back and had a broken back, but he's better now. He's awesome.
Homie G Jr.: Younger than Homie G, married with a baby, and destined for great things. He emulates Rev. Not-So-Nice Super a lot.
Rev. Not-So-Nice Super: Another supervisor, a ULC minister, and a complete face-to-face troll. Hilarious as all fuckery, so he gets away with it, and he knows when to stop with a joke most of the time.
The Pink Lady: Another supervisor.

LJ Volunteering:
Most of the people who are associated with these need little to no introduction, as they have journals of their own. So here are some of the crucial items associated with that.
suggestions: I am the juniormost volunteer maintainer. I don't make the big decisions here, I just tag, track comments, make helpful comments, and make sure things don't devolve into a flamewar. Sometimes I do research to see if something's come up before. I will be heard to make comments about the moderation queue from time to time; this usually means I'm doing research and complaining about it.
The Support Board. If things get really dire, I come and answer a few requests, but I mostly work in suggestions.
IRC / zhzh / #lj_s: There is a private IRC server where past and current volunteers (and some of their associates) hang out. There are several channels. I'm most often to be found in the general volunteer channel.


Immediate Blood Family:
Dad: Local patriarch, retired computer programmer, dabbler in assorted skills and serious hobbyist of ham radio and music. After Mama banned dirty jokes with the advent of kids, he was forced into wordplay, focusing on the noble pun. He was in his late 30s when I was born. He and Mama live in Fairbanks, Alaska. They met there. He wanted to see Alaska for assorted reasons, and wound up buying property and staying. Looks like Santa, if Santa wears bunny boots and threatens to climb on random roofs just because it seems like it would be interesting. Reads my LJ from time to time.
Mama: Potter, quilter, musician, and completely incapable of not getting involved if she has the spare time and there's a position that needs filling that she could do that someone asks her to do. Her degree is in biology, with an emphasis on Alaskan pond life (which is how she wound up there). Widely acknowledged to be one of the sweetest people in the world, although this is when her blood sugar is stable.
Tay-Tay (previously swallowtayle or Narcissa) : My two-years-and-a-bit younger sister. Violinist in Seattle. She goes through a series of day jobs. She's not really an internet person.

Unrelated Family:
Sis: Roommate from 2001 to 2005. A heartsister. Currently moved out of state to a place with snow.
The Little Fayoumis, or LF: Sis's son, born in 1996. My virtual nephew. Loves anime and video games. ADHD like anything.
Dawn: One of the DeVry crowd from 2000. Another heartsister.
ralmathon: Another one of the DeVry crowd. Alaskan, and a big brother to me.
JD, jai_dit: The three of us seem to have developed a little brother.

Extended Family:
raranax: Cousin, by way of Guide Dog Aunt.
Guide Dog Aunt: Dad's youngest sister. Raises guide dog puppies. Married to Guide Dog Uncle, two kids, lives in the SF area.
Deacon: Black lab. Guide dog washout.
Aunt-Fayoumis: Dad's other sister. Lives in the San Diego area. Completely wacky. Married to Uncle-Fayoumis, no kids, but lots of critters.
Uncle Davy: Dad's brother. He and Dad are trouble together.
Grandma: My only surviving grandparent. Dad's mother. Recently moved from her house to a retirement home. Her health is very fragile, and her mind is going.
Quilting/Namesake Aunt: Mama's oldest sister, in Pennsylvania. I was named for her. She is married and has two grown children with kids of their own.
Gaming/SCA Aunt: Mama's other sister, exactly two years older than Mama. She and her husband have a gaming store in Michigan somewhere.


Next door: They have a very friendly low-slung dog.
Downstairs: myrrhianna worries about disturbing them by being loud in some fashion. It would take playing music or the TV at earsplitting volumes and having loud beery conversations on the balcony at 4 in the morning to even equal the level of disturbance that they already put forth.
Downstairs over thattaway: Loud parties, but cute boys. myrrhianna has to close her window to get any peace.

The Big-Ass Flag: Driving past our corner, you cannot miss the big-ass flag, which is rightly and properly brilliantly spotlit all night long. If coming from east of us, you will see the flag and then look for the turn on the right side of the road. Do not pass the flag. If you pass the flag, you have gone too far, but there is a secret way to circle around; a whole bunch more right turns make a right too.
That Damn Loudspeaker: There is a car dealership to the west of the apartment complex. Their outdoor paging system is audible from inside. You can't make out the words, but you can hear the attention tone.
The Ding-Dong: I'm getting far too much of a kick out of having a doorbell. This is the first place I've lived that has one.

Friends and Associates

Darkside: Best friend in the universe. Not brother or boyfriend, but best friend. Is not darkside; he doesn't actually have an LJ.

Group: This is my writers group. In addition to myrrhianna, hcolleen, chailifesong, rhea_windrider, samurai_ko, trystan_laryssa, azwriter, meacu1pa, kilarneyblarney (when she can make it), and the good Captain easalle...
M: Writes incredible, poetic, detailed science fiction. Is also notoriously picky.
V: Still struggling with actually getting things down on paper some of the time, but has incredible experiences and writes poetry when she's called to it, and essays as well.

Particularly notable LJ people:
amberfox: We hang out a lot on the phone.
The House: elyssa, stevieg, luminairex, squidheadjax are semi-regular dinner companions when schedules mesh up right.
iroshi: Priestess-Confessor who helped patch me back together a whole lot back in the day, still a friend.

Old no-LJ crew:
Ginger: One of my oldest friends, from literally before birth: our mothers knew each other, and encountered each other in a grocery store with mutual delighted news.
Savil: Friend from high school. The keywords that got Shawn to remember who she was were blonde, lesbian, karate. Also sarcastic, witty, and love.
(That Idiot) Shawn, aka Fuzzy Modem: My high school best friend. There were a lot of bad times, but I remember the good ones too.
Fencing-Dave: One of the many Daves. (For a while they started accumulating scarily.) He's back from Iraq now, and is in Canada last I heard, sniping invasive squirrels with a BB gun. He was the TA in the '97-'98(?) fencing class I took. We had a mutual crush, but didn't discover it until several years later.

CTY 94.2.CLN, 95.1.CLN, 95.2.CLN -- Logic, Etymologies and Writing (Crafting the Essay?). Here's to you, Rebecca, Argh!, and SpInk.

Et cetera.

BJ: My second ex-fiancé. I can't pretend the relationship never happened, but I can put it fairly far behind me. He'd been in love with me since meeting me in sophomore year, pretty much. In 2000 (March 15th, as it happened) I had a fit of temporary insanity that lasted nearly a year, and wound up engaged. Things started out reasonably great, got less so, and the relationship was on somewhat shaky ground by the time we got to Phoenix for college in November. I stayed. He went home after a few months after we dissolved the relationship by mutual consent. As I recovered, I became more and more appalled by the relationship, and we no longer speak.

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