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(and I guess I never will)

Hip to be square!

Today at work was a day at work. My last call was hilariously delightful; it was a woman on the other end of the line, and we bonded over technical difficulties and what we-at-CTY might have termed "technicalities" had we been thinking in terms so advanced. (As opposed to "details", which are not in the least artificial.) I came home to hysterical scrollback, which is now in the qdb for thems who knows how to ask Anna for where it is. ;)

Update on the light that Ceiling Cat peed in: still wet. (!) Update on the dryer that myrrhianna was trying to dry her clothes in: too dry. (As in, there was an evil plastic-melty smell, so she pulled the plug.)

I've been making good headway in reading the RPG-of-choice. ♥ Which leads me to one of my shower-insights: I am really not the person to ask about relationship things, not unless I'm in serious Priestess-mode, because I am a romantic at heart, and will sweetly and wholeheartedly hope for a couple to work out well after they've both decided that things are really going to hell in a handbasket and they'd best part ways. I won't push them, but I will sweetly hope for them.

This is in direct contrast to my own romantic outlook when things have gone bad. If things go bad and someone who shouldn't have gotten too close to me is in fact too close to me, I will quietly and as neatly as possible shut down as many as possible avenues of possible unauthorized access. I remain as sweet and smiling as possible until it is safe to go SLAM! and then they are left bewildered at what could have gone wrong. In OK Cupid dating type terms, I am the Sudden Departure, if someone who should never have been let that far in the door has found themselves in the middle of my defenses. If it's not safe to say something, I won't say it until it's safe. I have trust issues. (Oh boy do I have trust issues.) And, like Dad, my anger is Earth anger. Unless you can read the seismograph and stop poking the fault, unless you heed the warning tremors, the ground just splits open and rubble flies, and there's no rebuilding on the lava flow until it stops leaking out and cools. That can take a long, long time.

There are reasons I avoid things like blind dates. If I'm not prepared at least to be friends with someone, I don't want to start a situation where I put both of us at risk. I'm willing to risk friendship, but I've had too many potential romances go very sour very fast to ever want to try that again. If I don't think there's potential, I don't even try.

Exhibit A: Lunatic is loony.

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