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A weekend, such as it was...

Went in to work2 Friday morning. Hacked at stuff over there all day. Put in another little bit of time over while hanging out with elyssa, stevieg, luminairex, squidheadjax, and the_spink. Notable moments involved the zomg TV, Rock Band (I am half decent at singing, given that I have some Karaoke Revolution experience, and it's pretty much the same system), and being teabagged at the George & Dragon. (Getting lost was about par for the course given that I'd never been there before, and hadn't looked at the satellite view of the map.) (Oh, right, the teabagging. Let's just say that swinging a soaked teabag around in a circle is pretty much guaranteed to share the love with the entire dinner table.)

Came home, got to bed way, way, WAY late. Woke up bright and perky on 3 hours of sleep. (Took a nap later on.) Did laundry. The dryer is working again. Wednesday they fixed it, along with the light. Caught up on the posts from lightning_watch, yay! Hung out behind the couch (metaphorical) with pretty much the entire crew of the usual suspects. (There Is No Conspiracy. ;)

RIP, Fruitz. :( Unless I can find somewhere to get it fixed for a reasonable price, Fruitz is probably dead. Washing and drying are not good for iPod Shuffles, and I managed not to take it out of my pockets from Friday before doing the wash.

Didn't connect with Darkside this weekend. Did give a status update to Dawn. Caught up with tomb_of_osiris; he sent a random IM to me on general principle. That was fun.

Tomorrow morning starts work at the alternate location, fun happy funcakes for all! (It shouldn't be a bad experience; it will be unnerving for the first little while to me.)

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